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    what is next??

    My advice would be to relax. You have a long arduous process ahead of you so do what the Eagles say..."take it eeeeeeeasay"
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    Physical Aptitude

    The AROTC PT test is the same as the Army PT Test, which requires you to run a 2 mile in under 15:54; I know because I've had to do the stupid thing all's annoying.
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    Waitlist & Other Possibilities

    I would check up with your prospective ROTC unit on that question. I just came from Army ROTC (wasn't contracted, which means I wasn't drawing pay)...I had this discussion with some other folks...I'm pretty sure once you're drawing pay (scholarship), that you will either have to pay it back if...
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    Applying from College

    Yea, plus don't forget that those 81 college students selected were from a much smaller pool of candidates than that of high school students applying. I'm currently on my 2nd year right now at the University of Central Florida, was rejected last year (my freshman yet), reapplied, got an LOA...