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    How likely will son get kicked out for conduct/aptitude issues?

    The OP only posted that one time and profile shows they returned 10 days later. If they aren't active in the discussion, I would be curious to know if the original post was factual or someone's idea of a joke?
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    Competitive District?

    This topic comes up every so often on here and you can search back to see what was previously discussed. The reality is you can only apply for a MOC NOM based on your legal residence. Since your parents are unlikely to relocated to somewhere you THINK is less competitive, it is one of those...
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    2028 State Nominations Thread

    Each MOC runs their own NOM process so what one chooses to do may be different from some other MOC. What they did last year may/may not be how they choose to run the current process. It is best to start with the website for your particular MOC regarding instructions for how to submit an...
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    Missed CVW

    Attending a CVW is a real chance to experience USNA from the inside and interact with many current mids. Deciding to join the military is a BIG decision and I am sure your h.s. coach will understand you might be gone while exploring potential college choices. CVW's are offered on several...
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    Change my mind

    I agree and how well you perform academically at any SA will have a bearing on your standing and no one can predict ahead of time how well they will do. Sports shouldn't be the main reason to attend any SA. I see a lot of new threads started by individuals in h.s. and the first thing they ask...
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    How to better my chances

    I thought the term is ALO for USAFA? BGO is a job title associated with applying to USNA. Every SA has a very detailed website providing applicants with information about how to improve your resume to be competitive.
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    Changing CVW date?

    Plans can change for any number of reasons. I don't think USNA would think less of an applicant who needs to modify their visit date. Visiting ANY college your are serious about applying to should be part of your process and consider it an investment in your future. Some visits may cost more...
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    Letters of Recommendation for Congressmen?

    It is also better to start a new thread with your specific questions since the OP who started this thread only posted that one time and has never returned. This avoids confusion in knowing exactly which question people are replying to. LOR's from people who really don't know you very well will...
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    Sports at USNA

    Top level athletes have likely been working on their sport since grade school. Takes years or dedication and effort to become a top athlete. How many years did it take to become proficient in whatever instrument you play in the band? I think where you start is by reviewing the USNA website...
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    SAT Scores

    OP has indicated in prior threads earlier this year was a h.s. senior and had not yet applied to any SA and was focusing on music, but planned to planned to apply once in college. Asking now about SAT scores which is only one piece of the application seems to omit the prior discussions/advice...
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    How early should I get them turned in?

    I agree. Each MOC runs their own NOM process. They publish instructions including the deadline for submitting your application. Clearly you don't want to miss that deadline or you will not be considered for that MOC's NOM. However, it isn't a race to submit early and there are no 'bonus'...
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    Essay specificity

    Regardless of the exact terminology when referring to any SA, does your reason for attending change based on which SA you are interested in? An MOC NOM essay is more about WHY you have chosen this career path vs. WHERE you prefer to go.
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    BGO Evaluation

    I would assume you are just starting your senior year of h.s. and the application process for this next cycle has just started. Have you had any communication with your BGO or know who you have been assigned?
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    High School Sophomore

    She should focus on doing things she likes and can excel at while still enjoying being in high school. She shouldn't get so focused on building a SA resume that she forgets to have a good time as well. Far more apply to selective colleges then get accepted, so it is also good to consider other...
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    Oppenheimer anyone??

    Haven't seen it yet but would like to. Always interested to see how balanced any movie is dealing with historical events. I can recall some prior movies about an actual event where they try to rewrite history to suit the producer/director's bias which I think is unfortunate.
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    Splitting Senator noms?

    When the phrase 'gaming the NOM system' is used on this forum, it refers to a candidate who decides to show different SA's as their top choice (even if they aren't) thinking this somehow improves their 'chances' for getting an MOC NOM. There are a number of older threads discussing that topic...
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    Splitting Senator noms?

    Gaming the MOC NOM system is generally a bad idea. As someone else mentioned, you could end up with an NOM to only the SA that really wasn't your top choice. What a specific MOC did in prior years also may not be what they choose to do this year. Trying to outguess what their process with be...
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    Possibly unable to attend CVW??

    Deciding where to go to college and how you will spend the next part of your life after high school is a BIG decision. CVW is a chance to experience USNA from the inside and get a better feel for what all goes on as well an talk with a number of mids. It is a much better look at USNA then just...
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    Application Progress

    The SA application process is not a race and there are no extra 'points' for being the first to submit. Take the time to double-check what you are submitting for accuracy to avoid issues later. Clearly during the Summer break you have more time to work on those parts of your application that...
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    Dress Code for BGO Interview

    Correct, for the BGO interview that would be a NO. Context is important since I see many different examples being offered. A student attending a h.s/college class would clearly be expected to take notes as part of learning the subject matter. Likely there are many others students in the...