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    NROTC Colleges?

    I’ll throw in a plug for Purdue. Top ranked in most engineering disciplines and a well organized NROTC unit. ROTC members are given priority scheduling, plus they have learning communities that help foster discipline and offer support inside and outside of NROTC.
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    Anyone else has child w BRACES waiting on waiver to clear?

    My son had braces and we had a remedial request for additional information and once that got sent it his portal was updated less than a week later. I’m not sure why you had to get a waiver those are when you are DQ’ed and the Academy requests it braces aren’t a DQ’ing reason unless they won’t be...
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    Thanks for the reply and advice. I hear ya on the deadlines, I can only imagine the amount of info they have to go through. If it doesn’t work out for DS this year he can always add it to next years application. Unfortunately the principal is most likely 3Q’ed since he is a college re-applicant...
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    At this stage of the game is it to late to update senior accomplishments? My DS added another varsity letter in a new sport with an individual award for Most Heart, approximately 20+ hours of free tutoring, and named captain of two academic teams this spring. I know it’s just a matter of time...
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    Rejection from USNA 2022

    My DS got accepted FYE at Purdue which is his plan B (99.9% plan A now). They tell the kids to “look to your left and look to your right, only one of you will be here next year”. DS is actually going to do Early Start to get some of the classes out of the way. He will be applying NROTC as...
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    Just to double check, is it ok that medical has not been processed?Exams are complete they just haven’t made it over from Concorde to DoDMERB yet.
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    Help with Plebe's mattress....

    I know when my DS went to Summer Seminar they had the sheet size to bring listed as twin xl
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    Completely confused with online submission for nomination

    Most MOC's have codes to submit ACT and SAT scores directly from the test sight. Just like you do when sending scores to colleges.
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    School Profile

    How do they determine school profile? My DS goes to an inner city school with a large student body of English as second language and students that have no desire for higher education. This has led to low scores on State standardized tests and poor rankings. On the flip side his school is the...