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    USAFA Prep School Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    @charlestonmom5 Congratulations!! DS just got his Thanks but no thanks letter yesterday in the mail. I am not telling him with finals this week and I hope he doesn't check his mail this week before break. No need for the extra disappointment this week just focus on studying for finals! I'll let...
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    USAFA Prep School Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    I know I can't take my flip flops and shorts! I don't even own a coat! LOL headed out to secure on, but in San Diego it may be like finding that proverbial needle in a haystack :) I have not heard anything about what they can take next semester! Mine just says, I don't get a choice. My heart is...
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    USAFA Prep School Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    I am! I am actually headed to CO to see mine this Friday! He is competing in his first track meet. My mom heart couldn't stand not being there, so my hubby gave me an early Christmas present. My DS is very excited, things at Prep have not been so great since they returned after Thanksgiving :(...
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    Missing USAFA Cadet

    This is just devastating. We are waiting for news, the C/C's are waiting and having a harder time now focusing on their studies. As a parent of a Current Preppie, I cannot imagine what his family is going through,
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    My DS was supposed to have them for 3 years, 6 months into treatment we started on this path. Obviously, we knew his 3 years were not going to be up, we gave the questionnaire to the Ortho and told him, these braces are ELECTIVE - and this is a DQ for all Military Academies. We will either end...
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    Nomination for Naval Academy Preparatory School?

    @USNAismyplace yes if they live in your state & your district you are in competition with them. However, they do have an opportunity to earn an appointment from the Prep School. Regardless of how things shake out focus on what you can control, not your competition. Trust me all the kidos at NAPS...
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    Re-applicant - Chances of Admission?

    Congratulations on your improvements & pressing on! That CFA is really hard. How are your leadership & EC's looking? What will make your application stand out? It's going to come down to who is your competition that lives in your state & district. If they offered you Prep would you take it?
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    high school or club sport- does it matter ?

    My son did both Varsity and Club Sport. Ask the Club Sports Coach if there is an opportunity to earn Captain Status, this could help. I/ we were in a similar situation for our son who was a Water Polo Player and the school did not have a pool and used the local college (not anywhere close to our...
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    ALO Issues

    Last year my DS had zero communication with his ALO in the beginning. When most of his application was completed the ALO Changed in his portal and that new ALO Contacted him shortly after to schedule his phone interview (FaceTime). Again after that interview, it changed back to his original ALO...
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    Weak link in my application?

    My DH and I purchased a cheapish vehicle for both my boys their senior year, provided they had good grades & were not in any trouble. If they were Student-Athletes we did not require them to have a job, especially during their sport/season. However, it came with a LOT of responsibility and you...
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    AFA told me my CFA was trash.

    My DS is a top athlete in great shape. It took him 3 tries to pass the CFA. Time #1 he put his knee down during his pushups which is an auto DQ, (he maxed situps, push ups and pull ups) his coach let him finish before telling him he was a DQ just to see how he would end up. However, he wouldn't...
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    Don't be this Army Mom

    this is beyond hilarious. People can be so DUM* :laugh:
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    No class rank?

    My sons HS also does not rank, that being said we currently have 2 at USNA 3 at USAFA and 2 at USAFA Prep and 1at USMA. Admissions will look at your DD whole profile - class ranking is not within your control. It was also frustrating for us too. But as you can see kids get in!
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    How important is having a clean room in high school?

    My DS is at USAFA Prep this year. Once I learned he was officially accepted to Prep I had the deepest hearty SCARY laugh ever, DS said it was crazy. I smiled and said oh I am just loving that you are going to have room inspections regularly, oh my they are going to love you! He learned very...
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    MOC Indictment / Nomination Process

    Thank you Steve! You answered my question :)
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    MOC Indictment / Nomination Process

    I just have to say that the news reporting of the indictments of (Reps. Chris Collins of New York and Duncan Hunter of California) was a little skewed. The news reported this story as "The First 2 Congressmen To Endorse Trump Have Been Indicted". That's not biased in the least. Hoo boy...
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    MOC Indictment / Nomination Process

    I am all about Innocent until proven guilty. My only concern is how this process will work for the kids submitting their applications for MOC Nominations. My DS is a reapplicant who received a Nom last year but is currently at the USAFA Prep School. Before he left for Prep he spoke with the MOC...
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    USAFA Prep Chances?

    AF FORM 1786 AF Form 1786 is the Application for Appointment to the USAF Academy Under Quota Allotted to Enlisted Members of the Regular and Reserve Components of the Air Force. To compete for appointment to either the Academy or the Prep School, you must complete AF Form 1786, have your unit...
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    USAFA Prep Chances?

    Are you enlisted? If you are enlisted from my understanding you can apply directly to the Prep School through the LEAD Program. This is the only way to apply directly to Prep if I understand it correctly from the kids my DS has talked with there he is currently at Prep Class of 2019. I...