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    Personal Statement

    Personally, I'd write it specifically about the Naval Academy, because you wouldn't want a nomination to a random Service Academy.
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    Hello, I am a high school senior applying to the Naval Academy. I've looked on this site before and found it extremely helpful in finding information. This is the first time I have actually made an account. The community here seems very helpful and respectful. I look forward to further...
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    Leadership Outside of School

    Look into civil air patrol/sea cadet units if your school does not offer a JROTC unit. Though if you're in your junior year or senior, I wouldn't bother with that. Eagle Scouts is also a good route. Organize a community service event, or fundraise out of school for a local natural disaster...
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    How are Service Academy appointments handled?

    My apologies, I am new here.
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    How are Service Academy appointments handled?

    Thank you, that clears things up.
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    How are Service Academy appointments handled?

    Do they accept the first choice of every congressional nomination or could they deny all of a congressman's nominations? Just curious to see if they accept people based on a system that represents the each state or if they're pickier than that.