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    PRK after commissioning thru AFROTC

    I understand your point fully. The only reason I would like to get it done privately is that I have found a surgeon who I trust completely to do the procedure accurately and safely. He's an AF reserve flight surgeon and has done many refractive surgeries on government VIP's and generals, and...
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    PRK after commissioning thru AFROTC

    I just commissioned out of Air Force ROTC and would like to get PRK before I go on active duty. I know there's some forms and procedures to go through if you're on active duty, but I am still in the IRR as a 2nd LT and won't go on AD for a few more months. On the other hand, I'm not considered...
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    EAD and AFROTC service commitment

    I am about to graduate and commission as a non-rated officer through AFROTC. I know my service commitment is 4 years, but does this commitment begin on my EAD date or the date after I complete my tech school? I know rated officers' 10 year commitment begins AFTER they complete flight training...
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    Failing a PFA on AFROTC scholarship

    I am a 400 level cadet on scholarship at my AFROTC detachment. If I was to say, fail my PFA, what would happen to me? Would I be disenrolled? Or would I have to pay my scholarship back and be called to enlistment?