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    The letter says registration begins at 4:30 pm and be there by 5:00 pm
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    ROTC Nominations

    I will not be receiving any nominations this year, so unless I get offered the prep school, I will be re-applying for USNA next year. I have also applied for a NROTC scholarship. If I accept the NROTC scholarship, how does getting a ROTC based nomination work? I have heard that USNA can only...
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    Letters of Reference?

    Not for the USNA application itself, but you might have be able to use them for nomination applications depending on your congressman/senator.
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    NAPS Acceptance

    o..I was wondering if that changes when your application goes in front of the review board.. guess not.. congrats though
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    NAPS Acceptance

    hyb128, when you got your loa for naps, did your admissions status on the dodmerb website change as well?
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    Remedial Question

    My medical examination was reviewed by the board, and the online status says they are sending a letter asking for a remedial 251.24- I looked it up and I believe that they need me to send all medical records from age 10. Anybody ever have to go through this remedial?, is it a good sign, bad...
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    Haven't received packet.. doing it all online

    I have a question for anyone who went through the DODMERB process, or is familiar with it. I never received a packet from DODMERB( more specifically Concorde INC), so the customer service lady gave me all the information to log on to my account, and said she would send my packet. I still haven't...
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    I heard mid-late March at the earliest.
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    PSAT scores and NASS

    Which brings back the age old question, is Maryland in the North or in the South?
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    PSAT scores and NASS

    How is Math-66 Verbal-52 for the Nass? I'm hoping to hit >700 math and >600 verbal on SATs by start of senior year.
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    Disaster Interview.

    There probebly wrong but ill find the link to the newspaper article if you want to see it, it talks about a mid who died over this thanksgiving break in a car accident and how Steny Hoyer's office picked him, over what they say "1200"
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    Disaster Interview.

    I live in the same district 5th district of maryland (same district the USNA is in) and it was in the capital newspaper, but then again who knows if those guys get anything right
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    Disaster Interview.

    120 for senator for usna? My congressman gets 1200 a year and mostly all go for USNA
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    How does duty work? If you get it do you stay on campus all break?
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    Hoping for the best while fearing the worst

    I would say I would go to civilian college for a year than re-apply. Which is what I would plan to do. If you plan on re-applying the next year to the academy, can you be in ROTC? Cause if you can I woujld, but I'm not sure how you could.
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    Hoping for the best while fearing the worst

    Does it look bad in an interview, if you don't apply to a ROTC?
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    The first "cut"

    Ive heard many things about the nominations and the review board. But doesn't the USNA go over your prelimanary applicaion, and tell you wether or not they find you competitive to apply? Is this just to get rid of the kids with 1.7s and no ECs and how many kids do they find not compeitive for...