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    SLE Session 2

    Hey guys!! I dont think I've seen a post to start a groupchat for SLE session 2, so if anyone is going and wants to be in a group PM me your number and I can add you!!
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    NASS Session 1

    I dont think i was ever added :((
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    NASS Session 1

    anyone else going to SLE 2?
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    NASS Session 1

    I will be going to NASS session 1 and SLE session 2!! I'd love to be in some kind of group chat with everyone so that we could maybe meet each other there!!!
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    USMA Day Vist

    I live about 15 hours away by car, all the way down here in south Georgia, so two trips is not ideal because we are a very busy family constantly involved in everything. I visited last summer and went on a tour, but now that I've applied to SLE and been accepted and I have started my...
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    USMA Day Vist

    Would it be best to try to go while school is in session or late summer? Or even September/October?
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    What to expect in Naval Academy Summer Seminar?

    i will be at the first session as well!!! i can't wait, but i am very nervous about the CFA above all else. i have poor upper body strength as a female, so i struggle in pull ups. i can't quite do one, but i can do over 30 seconds on the flexed arm hang and i'm about average on push-ups. i am of...
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    West Point SLE 2017

    Thank you so much!!! That is such good information.
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    West Point SLE 2017

    Well, I have a couple options I'm interested in. I've thought about medical school so I would probably major in chemistry if I went that route, I'm interested in political science but mainly in foreign affairs because I like foreign language so maybe an ambassador of some type, and I'm also...
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    NASS acceptances

    I got accepted to NASS session 1 on 2/14. Sorry I'm a little late [emoji23] Hope to see you all there!!
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    I will either be at SLE session 2 or USAFA SS session A, I haven't decided which one yet. I will also be at NASS session 1:)
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    SLE Acceptance 2017

    I got my acceptance email on 2/3. I applied the day it opened. I will be attending Session 2!!! Hope to see you all there!!
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    West Point SLE 2017

    I am a female from Georgia. I move around A LOT and I actually just moved to my third high school in Georgia, so I don't have many opportunities to be involved in leadership positions. I have a few varsity letters in cheerleading, cross country, and track, with one co-captain position. My...