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    LOA and Appointment trends

    Son received an LOA in late October of his senior year in HS pending Dodmerb completion. Within 2 weeks of that he received appointment. Since he already had been accepted to another college, he just figured USNA was also rolling admission. Knowing he had a lot going on in the fall of his senior...
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    Chemistry Major

    My son, now an ensign, was a Chemistry major. It was definitely a challenging path for him. He was mildly interested in medical corps and according to him, a C in physical chemistry put a fork in that path anyway. However, he hasn't entirely shut the door on that or grad school for chemical...
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    Significance of NASS

    Completely anecdotal but my son and both his 2014 plebe year roommates all applied and all 3 were turned down for NASS
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    Swearing in

    No. Not necessary.
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    Plebe Summer Hairstyles

    This is of course anecdotal, but I have been on the yard for 3 I-Days in the past 5 years and have never seen a plebe with cornrows.
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    Countdown to I-Day... How do you say "good bye" ?

    The whole day is a whirlwind-more for them than you. I remember the time we had with the freshly shorn mid after the oath. He was obsessed with keeping the dixie cup cover "just so" and had a general deer in the headlight look about him. We kept our good-bye's intentionally low-key and positive...
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    Is a laid-back/carefree personality not a good fit for USNA?

    My 1/C mid sounds a lot like yours. While becoming a naval officer was a goal of his, USNA was not his Plan A. I was concerned he didn't have the right temperament to succeed there. Outwardly, he has an extremely easy-going, laid-back way about him. Through observing him at his sport and other...
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    Course validation

    No can really say-it's a very individual thing. I have heard as a rule the college course taught at the college level is more challenging than its high school version. It just may be better preparation as one is grasping the rigor and pace of college academics. In my sons case he scored a 5 on...
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    Course validation

    I should have mentioned he's a chemistry major. After the fact, he felt taking Chem ll at the college level would have been a good buffer before jumping into the beast, aka O chem.
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    Course validation

    My mid validated both chem l and ll. However, he has said in hindsight he wishes he took chem ll at usna
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    Pssssst. Parents for incoming plebes

    Completely agree that military and service academies are not for everyone. It certainly sounds like you have your mind made up. I just wonder if you permit your child to do the same?
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    End of the road for USNA?

    Maybe they meant USN produces more pilots? Navy flight school in Pensacola trains Navy, Marine and Coast Guard pilots. And I think the USNavy is still the worlds 2nd largest Air Force.
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    Plebe summer questions

    I've heard my 1/C mid on occasion, over the past few years, wish mid life was as easy as Plebe Summer was.
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    Exterminators, Rats, and Bancroft

    I'm still traumatized by that picture :eek2:
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    6 months from today....I-day 2018!!

    IDay feels like it was yesterday. It was a tough day-the mid just looked completely lost. Now, I can't believe we are rapidly approaching commissioning in May, 2018. When they tell you the time flies by, believe it.
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    USNA Cross Country Team

    Check out the teams webpage to get a sense of the times they are running. HS XC is 5k, while mens college jumps to either 8 or 10k. For many runners, that is a tough transition. It is Division 1, so the times are more competitive than those you posted but your son may have big drops in time this...
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    LOA w/ Presidential?

    My son is a firstie now but I remember him being in similar situation. He had presidential nom and LOA in hand by mid October,pending Dodmerb. He completed nomination applications to his MOC's but had not heard back regarding interviews at that point. So he received official appointment first...
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    How important is the CFA?

    You say you're a "big guy". Are you hoping to be recruited by Navy football? If so, the bigger guys on the team are given waivers for the running portion of the PFT once they are at the academy. But not sure how or if that extends to the pre-admission CFA. Considering the mission of usna is to...
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    Non-Physical PS Prep

    My 1/C said detailers in his company figured out who the Reef Point scholars were and went harder on them, at least initially. He said he was glad he did not lay eyes on the book before his I Day.
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    DoDMERB body fat test

    Most linemen are on weight waivers while playing football at SA's. And I believe they are not required to run for their PFT at USNA as long as they are still on the team-they ride the bike. Once their football careers are over, they must lose the excess weight. Not sure how much time they are...