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    Reapplying in college

    One thing that stands out to me in your resume is a lack of sports. That being said, you have a ton of extracurriculars. Maybe join an intramural sport and try to be a captain on the team. If you blow the CFA out of the water and max most or all of the events, there shouldn't be an issue with...
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    Streamlined application?

    I've seen on other threads that Falcon Scholars keep much of their info from their first application (SAT scores, Transcripts, Letters of Rec., Medical status) in their USAFA portal when they go to reapply.
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    What I wish I'd known

    NO! The Academy will request transcripts as they become available. Apply as early as you can! They won't make any decisions until your application is complete, so it benefits you to get it done early. Later transcripts will still show the lack of AP's earlier in high school. Don't discount your...
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    What I wish I'd known

    Neither of my parents attended an academy or served in the military. I'd always wanted to attend an academy, and this application was a bit of a learning process. I'm sure that others have made and will make the same dumb errors I did, so here's a list of things to keep in mind for future...
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    Falcon Scholarship, What is the full meaning?

    I got the Falcon Scholarship yesterday. Although Northwestern Prep has a great track record, I'm leaning towards R-MA simply because of the class size. I called this morning, and the student teacher-ratio is 9:1. If a class reaches 20 students, they split it into 2 sections. They had 8 Falcon...
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    Which USAFA Affiliated Prep School?

    May 1st is the deadline to accept. That being said, the letter says that some schools will fill up and be unavailable as time goes on.
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    Which USAFA Affiliated Prep School?

    I never received a TWE. I got an email telling me to check my portal, and the offer was there.
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    Which USAFA Affiliated Prep School?

    I received a falcon scholarship offer this morning, and am beyond excited. However, I have heard mixed reviews of the schools. Specifically, does Northwest Prep prepare students adequately even though they transfer for second semester?
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    Still Nothing?

    I have been operating under the assumption that all applicants would be alerted of their status by April 15th. When that day came and went without anything, I though it may take a few days for the admissions team to let everyone know. And yet, I am still in limbo. Does anyone know when they will...
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    Deferred Status

    My BGO also told me that I may not hear back until as late as May 15th. He said that those who have been offered appointments have until May, yes, May 15th to accept or decline their offers. For that reason, a fair number of appointments must go out AFTER April 15, because people will decline...
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    Deferred Status

    I spoke to my BGO last week at an academy day for a congressman. He told me that I have been placed on "deferred status". However he was unclear on what that means as far as my chances of getting in. In my portal I am CPR, however, he told me that being deferred means the review board has looked...
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    Getting Nervous

    I appreciate this forum and all of the wisdom and encouragement shared here. I have 2 nominations (senator and congressman), my SAT scores are 730 reading and writing and 670 math, my ACT is a 31, my GPA and class rank are 3.99 and 96/528 (top 18%), I have a green check mark by my CFA, I have 3...