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    Is there an equivalent to CVW at USAFA?

    Personally I am almost done with my candidate kit, as were the majority of the candidates there. 1 or 2 were already done with the kit.
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    Naval Academy Inspire Program

    Yes, that is the email. But on the email sent, there is also an email for any questions.
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    Naval Academy Inspire Program

    I received the same email in May, it is from USNA. I attended the program, and it was great! I know its suspicious because its Gmail but it proves to be real.
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    Should I turn in my candidate kit or keep editing my essays?

    I do the exact same thing with essays! I would personally submit and get on with the rest. (this is coming from a candidates POV) Good luck!
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    AP CSP or AP Calc AB?

    Personally, I would recommend AP Calc. APCSP is a comp sci class but it isn't as challenging as Ap Calc. Calc is also useful for other classes like physics and such. Good luck.
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    DoDMERB account

    Good afternoon, I wanted to ask if we create a DoDMERB account or if its given like DODMETS. I've completed both my medical and optometrist exams, and I wanted to ask if how long it it takes to receive clearance. I do not expect any DQs, my doctor told me everything is good. (I know that is not...
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    Tons of CIS Problems!!

    My portal now accurately shows everything I've/teachers completed, hopefully its good for you too. Edit: Today I received the email to make medical/eye exams.
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    USNA Application Portal Problem

    My portal now accurately shows everything I've/teachers completed, hopefully its good for everyone! Edit: Today I received the email to make medical/eye exams.
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    Contact Congressman

    Good morning everyone, my mom was talking with her friend and she found out my congressman's sister lives next door. They have eaten together multiple times, and are close friends. After that, my mom is suggesting I write a letter to the Congressman and give it to his sister. I have some...
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    USAFA Summer Seminar for Summer 2023

    Im doing NASS then USAFA SS, but luckily, there are 2 days in between. Good luck! Also, I like the tardis profile photo.
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    advice needed/SAT

    Thank you so much! This definitely calmed my nerves.
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    advice needed/SAT

    Thank you, my senators and congressman have posted the application months prior, so I have had my application read through and ready to go for a while now (however, my counselor is checking it over of course) The problem that i am facing is that if the SAT is late august I would get my results...
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    advice needed/SAT

    Good evening/morning/etc. I am completing my nomination application to my senator and I have faced a problem regarding my SAT. My current score is slightly above average (I took it without studying to see where I was at, with the plan that I would see where I need to improve and retake) I was...
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    Biting Nails

    (Sorry if this post has already been made, but I cod not find one) I wanted to know if nail biting is a disqualifying medical condition. It is not from anxiety (never have been treated for that), I've done it since I was young and now its a habit. Thank you.
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    Inspire 3/30-4/1

    Hello! I believe the main difference between CVW and Inspire is the parent aspect. My traveler sheet was picked up by Mrs. MCNEIL, so I bet we will hear soon back from that. We also have to remember its a big group, so it will take time.
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    NASS Scholarships

    It takes a little bit but it will come, dw
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    Choosing between Girls State, Summer Seminar USNA/USAFA

    Hello everyone, I just had a few questions. I have received the acceptance to USAFA and USNA summer seminars which are in June. Assuming I get accepted to Girls States, that would make 3 programs in June. The problem is my school year ends June 22, so I don't think I can go to all 3 because...
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    Inspire Program

    I got in too! congrats to everyone!