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    Parents Association

    just received a letter from the parents association and wondering if there's supposed to be a self-addressed envelop enclosed
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    Logging In

    i received a medical form packet, a fingerprint packet, and the logging in book. I'm still waiting on my financial aid. Also, does anyone know what the EPSQ disk is? It's listed on the checklist on the back of the logging in book.
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    Logging In

    any tips if it is best that I apply for my TWIC now, before I receive my orders through the mail?
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    Logging In

    has anyone received their logging in packet through the mail yet? I'm also waiting for my award letter...
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    Logging In Book Class of 2012 posted!!!

    any tips on packing for the time we're there after Indoc?
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    Logging In

    It seems I'm not the only one then....
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    Logging In

    I'm getting a bit worried....
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    I am wondering what the PAE is that's required for an appointment.
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    Appointment to Prep School

    I was wondering what would get you an appointment to a prep school, such as NMMI, as an alternate to an academy.
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    How does one fail the CFA? Also, is it just me, or is the basketball throw really hard? haha
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    Senior Year Grades

    Would anyone know if senior year grades are taken into account when the academy board reviews your applicant file?
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    Medical and Optometric Exams

    Other than the medical form, do we need to bring anything else to the medical exam? Also, aside from the urine test for the medical exam, what else will we be doing?