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    Rejected here,already in the process of accepting it and diving into Plan B.
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    I know it isn’t what you were hoping for,but you’re still in the running,how did you hear?
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    All this worrying to be solved within the next couple days! That is,unless placed onto a waitlist, which becomes a whole new test of patience...
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    Well hello my slightly southern neighbors!We in Maryland seem to be just as impatient.We will all have an outcome soon and on the bright side,Christmas is in 11 days!
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    The DODMERB and Coast Guard Academy application process are separate.If you have not completed your DODMERB(or in your case if you are waiting on waivers) you can certainly be offered a conditional appointment.
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    Has anyone received an appointment today?
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    After viewing the last year’s thread,it seems that a few appointments were given in the weeks leading up to the 24th and if I am not mistaken,they finished a few days early last year. However,it does seem that last year differs a bit from this year in terms of when decisions were released,as...
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    Does DoDMERB add DQ's and remedials as they review or only once after review is complete?

    As far as I understand (I apologize if I am in some way incorrect) DODMERB will review the file to completion in order to ensure the applicant is able to address any DQs or remedials at the same time.I would think the only time they may not view a file to completion would be for an...
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    After months of waiting,it seems like the last few weeks will pass the slowest!In a way,I am grateful for this time as I feel more prepared for any of the possible outcomes.
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    what are the steps in a DoDMERB review?

    Date exam reviewed is a following step,this is followed by date letter uploaded,this letter either contains requests for a remedial or a qualified or disqualified status. As for a timeline,I cannot speak to others but I was fortunate enough to be “qualified” rather quickly. Dodmerb received...
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    Is the math SAT/ACT weighted more heavily than the English?

    As far as I know, writing is required when submitting ACT scores but not SAT.The choice is obviously yours
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    USCGA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    Has your bears den already updated?
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    Remedial Requested

    I received the same remedial and I personally went to my Concorde contractor and got a copy of my exam with the doctor’s notations.I scanned and emailed it to Dodmerb and I was “qualified” a week later.
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    For those who have received a call today,are all of you recruited athletes?
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    That is exciting!Congratulations and thank you for posting this information!
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    EA Decisions

    Maybe instead of doing two small first and second rounds,they are doing one larger round?
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    EA Decisions

    At least a month and 10 days from now,EVERYONE will have their decision
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    Is Bear's Den down?

    Mine is also up and running and nothing has changed.Somewhat hopeful that this was not just a glitch and they are in the process of posting the first round of decisions!!!
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    It depends upon the stipulations of the individual scholarship.Some scholarships will allow you to use them when entering an SA while others will not.
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    CFAD it's bearing on thier decision process

    The way I understand it is,there are various ways to show interest.Whether that's going to Bears Day,CFAD, or attending workshops in your hometown.Since your CP has already attended 2 bears days,I would not read much into this.