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    Waiver Denied

    I have got denied twice , and I was thinking about trying to find a military doctor to help me out a little any syuggestions or idea on how to help me ?
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    Larry Mullen Dep Director DODMERB is the Greatest!

    do you still happen to have his contact infor mation .
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    D111.10 - Eczema Disqualification

    a while back meaning like almost 10 years ago. They saw it in my medical records .so what you are telling me is I have to get my primary care doctors to put it on my record ? or get another doctors note stating the misdiagnose .
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    D111.10 - Eczema Disqualification

    On the doctors I have meps it stated that I didn’t have eczema etc .... I’m asking what do I do next I do not want to give up , because this is my dream all I ever wanted to do .
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    D111.10 - Eczema Disqualification

    So , what do I do after the dq’ed me for all of this stuff ? & I will contact the Mullen guy if he can help me out .
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    DODMERB Rebuttal Process

    my waiver got denied for the second time today for repeated phenumia that I had 10 years ago , ashma that I never had .. I was only prescribed an inhaler for the time being , and exzema which was misdiagnosed . Is there any way to get around this or anything please help me !
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    D111.10 - Eczema Disqualification

    I just need to know is there any way around the exzema situation ... I got misdiagnosed with it a while back and they still DQ'ed me > please help !!!!!!!