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    Separated from USNA, need advice/guidance

    Thank you for writing this. You’re obviously intelligent and you write very well. My only advice is no matter what, focus on getting your degree and any advanced degrees beyond that. You’re much more mature now and will take any steps early enough in college to get any academic help you might...
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    Mids told not to return

    My dd is msging other mids going back to campus to mail out her books.
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    I think people are just curious and concerned and are trying to possibly change their plans and reservations if necessary. I have a child in college that has been closed for the semester and another child in high school that will close on Thursday for the semester or at least through March. I...
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    Convincing parents to let me apply to West Point

    I agree with others. Apply if it’s a dream of yours and you can try and convince them later if necessary although you will not need their approval. As a parent of a USNA daughter I get their anxiety but I bet if you end up receiving an appointment to any academy even USMA they will come around...
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    What is life at the Academy for a female?

    My DD said she hasn’t seen any sexual harassment, even anything that comes close.
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    Army-Navy game: White Power hand symbol appears to be used during pregame broadcast

    i was FaceTiming my dd and her African American roommate and asked them about this story. They were both laughing hard and her roommate told me it’s a game, kind of like gotcha, made you look. Her roommate is definitely someone who would speak up if offended by it. I think the cadets/mids don’t...
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    King Hall Food Shortages

    I understand, however she eats with the brigade, with her squad. She said everyone eats at the same time for the most part. She is not on the varsity team this year but said even when she was the team would only sit together twice a week at lunch and eat at the same time as the brigade. Only a...
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    King Hall Food Shortages

    I’ve been seeing this go around on various parent sites so I asked my Mid about it. She is an athlete and has a pretty healthy appetite. Her reply is below. “there is plenty to eat and everyone gets enough. They got rid of about 4 items that were unhealthy anyway. There used to be a lot of...
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    Duke TIP / 7th Grade ACT/SAT

    My kids were in the Duke Tip Program, taking the test in 7th grade. The summer courses are expensive but are well worth it and your child will be surrounded by exceptional students learning interesting topics. I’m sure it’s a money maker for them but it’s a great summer opportunity if your child...
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    What 'back up' colleges did you apply to before choosing USNA?

    My DD’s backup was Georgia Tech and we paid a deposit which we lost but was worth it to have the back up until after Plebe summer ended.
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    Very good students?

    My Mid had a 35 ACT. She validated classes which shifted more difficult classes into her 4/c schedule which were challenging her plebe year. It’s really comparing apples to oranges when you’re comparing academic levels with other colleges because at a service academy you have to do well...
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    Only applying to one Academy

    Ok thank you! My friend definitely wants a career in the military but he is ships and water all the way. If he didn’t receive a pilot slot he would be happy with SWO or whatever. He just wants to be on a ship.
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    Only applying to one Academy

    Was he asked in the interviews why he was only applying to Navy?
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    Only applying to one Academy

    Does it look bad when applying for nominations to only be applying to one academy? I thought I read somewhere that this doesn’t look good to the committee for a few reasons. I am asking this question for a friend who would like to apply only to the Naval Academy and would not accept...
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    Plebe Summer Photos

    We used Thornton, Alumni, and Legacy for plebe summer. I was a little “extra” and spent too many hours going through all the photos but there were a lot of my mid so I was happy! Thornton is more difficult to navigate than necessary but there were good photos so was worth it. He consistently...
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    DBIDS Card Question

    Definitely get one sooner than later. Both parents should apply. We waited to get one until after plebe year. We had traveled to the academy many times that year for varsity sports and visits and where we stayed and what time we visited always centered around parking. We wish we would have just...
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    School Superitendent's Son

    Personally I cannot imagine a parent approaching the school board with their child applying to the USNA can help in any way. I also cannot imagine it would do any favors for the child's application process or within the school community itself. I doubt nothing but negative consequences for your...
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    Immunizations that happen after yellow form sent?

    My DD got her bexsero shots at the supermarket pharmacy too which were covered by our insurance. They will fill in the navy yellow sheet if you still have it. If not they will print out all the documentation you need. I had them fill in the information on a copy of the yellow sheet and attached...
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    "Blue Chip" and "Recruited Athlete" technical meaning at USAFA.

    Our experience going through the recruiting process was fairly clear. When my DD was truly being actively recruited by a school she knew it. My DD received letters from various schools showing interest and she reached out to additional schools she was also interested in. For the schools truly...