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    GI Bill

    Thank you Capt MJ, at this point I don't see a career in the military and want out. Using the GI Bill for a masters to make that a better transition would be helpful. The website doesn't specify if that means 5 years plus 3 for 100% or in my case wings+6 years+another 3 years. The latter seems...
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    GI Bill

    Can someone please explain how eligibility works for academy grads? I get it doesn't apply for time spent working off a commitment from the academy but what the academies so slyly leave out of the public eye is that there isn't just a singular commitment. It can be 5 years or 10 depending on...
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    Howling Spider Infestation

    To all the parents of their dearest midshipmen I am posting to inform you that due to the string of inclement weather many of the buildings on the yard have a spider infestation. They are commonly seen in the windows of Nimitz and on the fourth deck of Bancroft. These arachnids are not deadly...
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    Insurance Question

    Current Mid at the Academy- I need to have my nose repaired from an injury last fall. It's both cosmetic and functional and it's something I don't want to take to Walter-Reed. Is it possible to use my parent's insurance to be referred out to a civilian specialist? BMU doesn't have the best...