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    More complete address during Plebe Summer

    The address listed on the USNA site is correct to use during plebe summer. You don't have to necessarily have to include Wilson Rd, but as an earlier poster indicated not including "Wilson Road" could cause an issue/questions at the post office where it is dropped off. It never did for us...
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    Please Post something about Plebe Summer that is Positive

    It's all positive! Plebe summer is chock full of experiences very few others in the world get. Physical training at 0530 (while difficult at times) makes you a stronger person both physically and mentally. Damage control, obstacle courses, weapons training, sailing, drill, marching, rate...
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    user name & password

    You will receive an email with the portal log-in information.
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    Plebe Summer Items

    No. Unless something drastically changes (doubtful) they do not get to stay away for any nights during PPW. Friday they are dismissed following noon formation and have to be back on the yard by 2200. Saturday leave begins after the formal parade and they again must return by 2400. Sunday...
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    Plebe Parents Weekend

    Adding to what @helmsdown wrote-- PPW will be the first time plebes will be able to spend time with family since Iday. For some it would be the only time to be with family until Thanksgiving or Christmas. The PPW schedule is pretty much the same year to year. On Friday plebes are released on...
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    Plebe Family Weekend - Seeking info

    The last couple of years, the football team has a practice (open scrimmage) at the stadium that PPW Saturday. However, if memory serves, the practice would conflict with the formal parade. You'll want to see your plebe in the parade. Plebes are then released for the day immediately following...
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    Plebe Family Weekend - Seeking info

    Typically, no, they cannot stay off the yard overnight. My 2020 Mid was released after noon formation on Friday and had to return by 2200. Mids can leave the yard Saturday after the formal parade... and have to be back by midnight. He was able to leave the yard again Sunday morning at 0800, and...
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    Plebe Summer Items

    It certainly was true during the Plebe summer of 2016. Candy and other "junk food" was in fact confiscated within my DS's company. I can't speak to whether it happened last summer. I would also suspect the degree of enforcement may differ depending on each company-- as are a number of...
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    Plebe Summer Items

    Plebes will be issued absolutely anything and everything they will need on I-day. Three phone calls will be scheduled during plebe summer. The official dates and "guestimated" times will be announced on I-day and posted online too. Even though plebes don't have much free time, some companies...
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    From Waitlist to this??

    What your DS is getting is essentially a "golden ticket" for class of 2023. Since your DS didn't win his slate (for whatever reason) and he didn't get an appointment this time around. Only admissions knows why. Going forward, that leaves two options. Attend a 4-year university and reapply...
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    Where to send Teacher LORs

    Your online application will include an area where you are to enter email addresses of your English and math teachers. Admissions will contact the teachers through email, and the teachers will submit their letters of recommendation online.
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    USNA Formal Application

    You can either use your 12th grade math teacher (if you haven't already done so in a previous app) or you must use a college professor. Since USNA admissions also "strongly suggests" college applicants to mirror a plebe class schedule, you may want to reconsider your current college schedule to...
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    USNA Formal Application

    Anyone can apply. However, an initial online preliminary application is reviewed, and if the applicant meets certain admissions criteria, they then become an official candidate that can continue onto the full application. They then get access to the USNA portal.
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    Countdown to I-Day... How do you say "good bye" ?

    If memory serves, for my 2020 Mid during PPW, was released after noon formation on Friday and had to return by 2200. Could leave Saturday after the formal parade... and had to be back by midnight. He was able to leave the yard again Sunday morning at 0800, and had to be back by 1800. There was...
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    Nomination Recommendations-How many?

    Both my DS/DD each received about ten letters of reference from a variety of sources. They then followed the individual MOC rules of how many to send with the app. Some of the same letters (the best) went to both Senators and our Congressman. However, they brought an envelope with a...
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    Shoe Policy?

    You will be issued everything you need on IDay. That includes boots and two types of athletic shoes. One for running and one worn with white works uniform. However, it is recommended that you break in two pairs of running shoes prior to IDay. Wear one when you report, and have a second pair...
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    Wait listed, what are the next steps?

    The first step is that you have either accept or decline a position on the wait list. Second step is to continue forward with plans B, C etc. I had a DS and DD who were both wait listed and eventually got the TWE. One in early June and the other in late May. That's why you need to keep...
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    Realistic chance to get in?

    Interestingly, the math and english letter requirements are not found on the "new" admissions portion of the website. However, they are specific, and will be part of the formal application. A letter from an English teacher and one from a Math teacher. You'll be asked for email addressed to...
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    THParent is right on the money! You signed the form stating you would not get a tattoo without prior permission. I'm not sure how easy "prior permission" would be this close to I-day. I sure wouldn't potentially risk the appointment, and I too would wait.
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    Technology-Unlimited Data Plan?!?

    /\ Yes, laptop is issued and part of initial ACE loan. DS won't be allowed to bring his laptop on I-day. Furthermore, they are never allowed to connect a personal computer to the government internet. (only issued laptops can do so). I'm also not aware of any "conversion" to allow...