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    Dodmerb Disqualifiers

    Scars they will usually ask about at your physical exam and as long as you have a valid story for each, you should be fine, and the rule for tattoos is that 75% of your body can be covered in tattoos as long as there are none on your neck and above. You can have one tattoo on your ring finger...
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    DODMERB Question?

    As long as you have your ophthalmologist explain that your eyesight is correctable, you are usually good to go! Good luck!
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    Reapplicant - USAFA requested a Present Health Questionnaire

    DODMERB exams are good for two years so they won't have you retake it until it expires. Go ahead with the PHQ and good luck!
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    Situational Depression Anxiety DQ

    I was treated for situational anxiety and depression which gave me migraines and insomnia due to lack of coping skills, but I saw neurologists, psychiatrists, and social workers, and they are all on board to clear me since none of this is affecting me currently. I'm off my medications and see a...
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    Situational Depression Anxiety DQ

    Yes, I am working closely with Dr. Merchant to overturn my waiver. Please give me any advice you all have.
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    Situational Depression Anxiety DQ

    Hey, everyone. I have finally resorted to posting on the forums; no just lurking here. I am a freshman at the University of Wyoming in the AFROTC program. I was on a type 2 scholarship up until my Detachment commander discovered that I was medically disqualified for depression, anxiety...