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    Scholastic Qualification

    You're right it's been answered numerous times. The basic application that is completed online along is just that, it's user friendly with straight forward instructions. Complete it and when you're satisfied with it (and it's good to have another set of eyes to review), then submit it. The...
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    trouble contacting BGO

    It's easy to say to just be patient, but at this point, hang on for just a bit longer. The BGO may be at a conference, vacation etc. He or she are a critical link in the chain and trust me, they will get in contact with your son. As a parent of a 2012 plebe, we also went through the trial and...
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    A career in the Navy question?

    My pleasure Jamzmom, it is the least I can do. Lord knows this forum including the CC one got us through some tough times during the process.
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    A career in the Navy question?

    Hope this helps a little Futureplebe, lets address the issue of Naval Academy / NROTC first: You have to ask yourself if you are competitive or not. With your parents, meet with your local B&G officer and he'll be frank with you. Remember, you'll never know unless you apply. Now as far as...
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    Admission status change date

    Congratulations Teddy!! Your perseverance is commendable!!! Our daughter just received her blue folder today. :thumb::thumb: