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    West Point sued over affirmative action admissions

    Carol Mutter USMC was the first female 3 star in the U.S. military (1996)
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    West Point sued over affirmative action admissions

    You are really clueless to think there is not affirmative action used at the service academies and throughout the military. I know former USNA Admissions Officers who openly admit they use preferential treatment for minorities and its even more egregious when it comes to admitting underqualified...
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    OTS College Major

    In the recent past pilot slots were so competitive you basically had to have a STEM degree, now there is a serious shortage and the services are not able to be so picky. But be smart and find a major that is marketable in the outside world.
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    About time ….

    Since when do instructors live in the same dorms as students??? And BTW - its Keesler.
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    VMI Graduation

    So VMI suddenly decided to reduce its incoming freshman class by 25% due to 'selectivity'? The claims are all about 'the racist and liberal media who just tell lies'? Your posts get more bizarre and disjointed every month.
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    Adm. Lisa Franchetti Nominated to be Next CNO

    And too honest and non PC to be CNO
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    Bergdahl court-martial conviction for Army desertion thrown out by federal judge

    'potential conflict of interest' sounds like a stretch, will be interesting to see if the decision holds up to appeal.
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    When did Army generals stop wearing what we called a "general's belt" with their BDUs (now ACUs)?

    It was only worn for ceremonial purposes with the BDU/ACU, I believe it was decided that it was a bit elitist and old fashioned
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    VMI Graduation

    "Of course the author failed to reveal the fact that “the higher than normal number of applicants” are to the citadel graduate and non-cadet programs" The long history of disinformation and anything to smear another school continues, the report had to do with undergraduate admissions to the...
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    Suicides on USS George Washington

    as usual, military leaders being reactive instead of proactive
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    Curious about how fighter pilots are assigned to jobs/locations

    well of course the type of aircraft flown has alot to do with it since its easier to get a desired base with more common aircraft, the needs of the service are the primary consideration. Kunsan is a one year (unaccompanied) tour so pilots rotate fast and the chances of going there are better.
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    Change for West Point

    gee isn't all this mostly the fault of our liberal woke PC SecDef?
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    To stay, or transfer?

    unfortunately you are reflective of too many FSA cadets who only want a free education and not the obligation, must be why half of the grads leave after their 5 year commitment which is absurdly short for the money being spent by the taxpayers. If you don't really want to be in the military...
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    Mandatory JROTC

    I know of a few public high schools where JROTC is mandatory but attending the school is voluntary. If public schools are requiring it or automatically enrolling students they are breaking the law but the question is how are they getting away with it.
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    C-17 Carrying USAFA Women's Basketball Team Makes Allegedly Unauthorized Landing at Stillwater, OK Airport, Damages Runway

    Using military aircraft to transport sports teams violates the ban on using taxpayer money to fund athletics. There was a big stink about this several years ago when NBC did a story about USAFA in one of their "Fleecing of America" segments regarding transport of cadets to football games; it...
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    Court upholds sincere religious belief exemption

    next the Rastafarians will sue to keep their dreadlocks. More caving to vocal special interest groups.
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    Military services select attorneys to lead new independent prosecutors’ offices

    long overdue. There also needs to be independent civilian Inspector General offices since the current system is the ultimate conflict of interest.
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    Mandatory JROTC

    Public schools cannot require participation in JROTC, it is mandatory at a number of private schools like Randolph-Macon, Oak Ridge, Fishburne, Hargrave and others. And how about we stick to the subject with the discussion.
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    Two Whistle approach?

    Tripoli is an America Class Amphibious Assault Ship (LHA), NOT a carrier
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    Defense bill closes door on pro sports after graduation...

    just go back to the old policy and leave it, taxpayers should not be funding the education of pro athletes; you supposedly went to an academy to prepare for a military career.