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    USAFA Class of 2023 Appointment Thread

    USAFA Class of 2023 Appointments: 1) rudycoon / DS / No LOA / 09-Nov-18 / Undecided / CA / Presidential / Direct Appointment 2) OdysseyDawn / Self / No LOA / 01-Dec-18 / Accepted / MS / Presidential / Direct Appointment 3) GoCubbies / DD / No LOA / 01-Dec-18 / Undecided / IL / Presidential /...
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    JROTC Flight Academy

    I was a cadet at Liberty University and graduated with the first class with a pilot's license. I recently received an appointment to USAFA and the Flight Academy program definitely gave me a very good edge on other applicants. However, all the other cadets from the Flight Academy I know who...
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    Questions about doolie life

    (In your opinion), what is the best and worst part about the first year?
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    USAFA Soccer

    Yesterday, I attended the UMKC(University of Missouri Kansas City) vs USAFA soccer game, and I was very impressed with the character of the Air Force players. As a soccer player and (hopeful) future cadet, it was super exciting and motivating to watch, as the team had so much class. In the...