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    Chances of Admissions to US Service Academy

    Hello everyone on the forum. Im currently a rising senior seking admissions to all of the service academys and also ROTC programs. Ive long been wanting to be an officer in the military and particularly a pilot for a very long time. But currently I do not believe I have the standards to be...
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    Summer Seminar Acceptance!!

    Congratulations to everyone who has gotten in so far! I really hope I get in so I can join with everyone going!
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    This is the weekend for NASS and STEM to hit the USNA site

    Just applied for NASS. I applied the very second it I have no life, oh well. I applied on my iPod touch my thumbs hurt. :(
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    Wheres the SLS response?

    I applied to the academys SLS program on the first day that it was open (december 14). The only thing ive heqrd from them was an email asking what classes i would like to take, about a week ago. Ive heard that others have already gotten their acceptance letters. Does this mean i didnt get in?
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    Prep School Question

    Im am looking into prep schools, just in case I don't get into a SA. I am considering Greystone Preparatory since it is close by and on their youtube video they say that 95% of the people get appointments which, if i am correct, is better than the actual prep schools at the academy's. But my...
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    Eagle Scouts

    If i am an eagle scout how much does my chance of acceptance increase by. (approximately) The reason I ask is because Ive heard that if your an eagle scout your almost guaranteed an appointment.
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    I ned help on what to do!

    I need advice on what to do in my situation. I am going to be a junior in high school this year and want to apply to the air force academy but I highly doubt that I will get in since my grades are kinda low (3.0 GPA). But I am qualified in almost every other area, extracurricular, sports, clubs...
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    Academy Chicken

    Back Stair Studios is better Theirs also Back stair Studio's. There really good. I think they were before these guys. (best one)
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    Presidential Nomiantion request

    When is the earliest that I can request a presidential nomination? For next year. HaHa
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    Presidential and JROTC Nominations

    On average, about how many nominations are in the presidential and JROTC category's?
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    Presidental Nomination

    If my parent is an Air Force Officer will I get an automatic nomination from the president?
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    Mountain Biking

    Does the Air Force Academy offer mountain biking as a sport? And if you can tell me some details about the team.
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    Where can I find and/or purchase a copy of contrails?
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    Do you think I can get in?

    You have to be 16 in order to receive a pilots license.
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    Do you think I can get in?

    okay, tell me if you think I have a chance of being accepted. 3.0 GPA (not great I know) Eagle Scout AFJROTC -Rifle Team (commander) -Drill Team (Asst. Commander) Civil Air Patrol with Billy Mitchell Award Private Pilots License President of Sights and Sounds club (technical side of...