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    Sorry to hear your story. I wanted to share a program that we just became aware of while attending student orientation for the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech. It might be a way for you to fulfill your passion to serve. The program is called Defense Civilian Training Corps - a new pilot program...
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    NAVY NSI 3 Begins!

    Gunny's never tire..ha, ha! They were in full force for NSI 2 and one in particular happened to be our kid's favorite instructor. Stories were amazing.
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    At the Risk of Sounding Sarcastic.......

    Yes! Our son is a good example. I posted on this earlier this cycle so I will not repeat. Thank you GWU PNS for reinforcing.
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    NSI Graduation Ceremony (NROTC)

    We plan on going - session 2. We have not figured out all of the details yet but hope to make it there to show our support (also to catch a glimpse of Chicago since I have never been :) !). Like the idea of catching a Cubs game.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    A mom! And, one can really understand the world of an SA applicant. Why this forum has been great.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    Well...I have been a quiet "observer" for some time now but after talking to my mom yesterday I had to share her story as it made me laugh. I have turned to these forums for over a year now for both ROTC and USNA as they provide great information. I referenced the forums to her a lot but she...
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    NROTC Scholarship Awarded

    Our son was awarded a 4-year NROTC scholarship, Tier 3 major yesterday as well. To say that it was a good day in our house yesterday is an understatement! It has been quite a ride. We have turned to this forum quite a bit over the past few months for guidance and general knowledge. I wanted to...