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    Leaders Encouraging Airmen Development

    Honestly as long as you are willing to put down that you would be willing to go to the prep school, and are young enough to do so, you should be in a good position to get to the hill. I know competition has picked up a lot since my commander put in my package (I'm a p-schooler now in 2013), but...
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    100s night is THIS WEEK!!

    The main reason for the change of the normal 100's night, a.k.a. the fact that it is on a Wednesday and that this weekend is only two days long, is that the President made the class of 2012 graduate a week early to fit into his schedule. I do not mean that to be offensive, it is just how it...
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    Prep School Element Leader

    The highest possible rank (the group commander) holds Cadet Candidate Lieutenant Colonel rank. As to jobs, it all depends on the C/C as to what he/she wants and is capable of. If they want to do something important they can as long as their grades support the time away from academics. There...
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    C/O 2013! Best to be Seen! Big, Bad, and Mean!

    Well, I have to say BCT was more of a joke than I expected but it did push my basic training count over 200 days. To my knowledge I am the only one that hit that mark, most of the other prior-e guys hit their 100 day mark a couple days before the official end to BCT. The academic year on the...
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    Before we head out...

    @usafaengineer2013 I agree with part of what you said, but the update that was released today fixes a LOT of my issues with the thing. I have found it to be quite the useful little bug while around colorado springs and the academy, and that was before the update.
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    Uniform board results

    The following is the results of the 98th AF Virtual Uniform board and the changes will be reflected into AFI 36-2903. The most interesting things I noticed were the changes to cell phone policies and blousing. You can now 'walk and talk' as long as you do not use a hands-free device, and you...
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    Technically speaking, yes they care. The Academy also houses research data on the network and therefore has to be careful about network integrity. That being said Firefox is DoD approved so I am pretty sure it would be completely okay, but I haven't checked the approved list for chrome. I'll...
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    Well, at least there is good news somewhere. Win 7 is already in the marketing stages to europe (they are releasing a version without IE8 there) so it should be available here shortly. As soon as the DoD approves we could upgrade away from Vista!
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    Actually this year may be a bit different. The TI that is in charge of BCT came and gave a brief at the P school earlier this year and warned us that the "magic money" is not going to exist this year and that they expect us to bring all of our own toiletries, and that they would not be issued...
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    2013 Appointments

    1. 13ryan13 2. btown13 IL Obama and Foster 3. SpaceGirl2013 4. packermatt7 5. gdesena 6. PDub 7. rg13 8. NChopeful 9. Fyterpilot22 10. kmjg2000 11. MKF2013 12. Aggie83's son 13. thud105 14. Roman06 15. aa2013 16. CranoOrden 17. J.NordicSkier7 18. Cessnafan 19. Casey13 20...
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    Stationery/Letters During Beast

    I was stationed at Lackland so I got to know a few of them - they are very dedicated people. I agree; I know I wouldn't want to do that for one tour, let alone multiple like the blue ropes.
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    Stationery/Letters During Beast

    The funny thing about TIs is they are so good at their jobs that us enlisted guys ALWAYS sharpen our appearance when we hear foot taps. I have even seen MSgts lock it up. If you see a smokey bear hat it is too late.
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    Orientation stories

    That was Bravo and Charlie squadrons from the P school Alpha went to the first session, and a few (very few) went to the third session if they couldn't go to the first two for some reason.
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    Orientation stories

    And although he doesn't post as often, I actually met another prior on this board and he ended up in my squad here at the P. He is still a good friend and actually those that went to the second orientation dinner (early one) met him. Don't worry about it; you will have friends amongst the...
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    USAFA Prep school 2009-2010 class list

    Shouldn't be, they are trained to run the Prep BMT. There will be a few C2Cs and mostly C1Cs and since this takes a summer period it would be hard for them to run both.
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    Can People List their qualifications that got them into the Acadamey?

    I mean that, from what I have seen, the majority of people accepted to the USAFA Prep School were declined direct admission into the academy because of low standardized test scores. This is also usually accompanied by being an IC, a prior enlisted, or outstanding in some category that makes the...
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    Cross Commissioning

    I believe he is referring to enlisted personnel flying UASes, not fully rated pilots. The AF is the only branch that still requires commissioned officers to fly UASes.
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    Cross Commissioning

    We had a briefing from the Generals down here at the p school and someone asked that question. If I remember correctly they said they had approved six people to crosscommission, that's it. My AOC once told me that the only people approved were the ones that had a legacy in the sister service of...
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    I am pretty sure they will switch to Vista. A lot of features and components of the newer generations of laptops are no longer compatible with XP. The good news is I beta tested Win 7 which ran much smoother and it shouldn't be much longer before it is released. After it is released it will...