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    Jobs After Graduation

    Capri, is your DD still at USAFA and if so, what year?
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    Jobs After Graduation

    Grandson was in your situation with appointments to both. Didn't decide until shortly before the May 1 deadline when he accepted the USAFA appointment. His interests were also very similar to yours and he is now a bio-chemistry major, doing some physician shadowing this spring, and looking...
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    Nomination Questions

    In our state--Arizona--the senators coordinated their slates to avoid duplications. One used a principal nominee method while the other did not. Our MOC did not use a principal nominee system and grandson received nominations to both from him. With the coordination system between senators...
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    What are my acceptance chances? (Class of 2026 Hopeful)

    As MidCakePa says, it is difficult to assess anyone's "chances." There are too many variables and many qualified candidates. That being said, my opinion is that a high ACT/SAT score is very important: it is the equalizer when attempting to weigh class standing, AP classes, and academic...
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    Should I visit the campus?

    By all means visit if possible. My grandson's experience parallels Texan in MS's DS with USNA. Grandson attended USNA's summer session, loved it and applied to USAFA as a 2nd choice. We're from Arizona so he did not visit USAFA initially. Upon receiving appointments to both, he decided that...
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    Most effective way to improve ACT/SAT

    I would echo 23LT and AROTC-dad: determine what area you wish to improve and take both the ACT and SAT. They are different and oft times, one will perform better on one than the other. Take the test you perform better on multiple times, with special emphasis on the area or areas you need to...
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    Any questions for a freshman?

    The swearing-in ceremony is from 8:30 - 9:30 on the morning of the 28th. They are sworn-in privately but the public ceremony is well worth seeing. We attended last year for our grandson with his parents. We all were glad we stayed the...
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    USAFA Class of 2023 Appointment Thread

    Peppypea, I'm very happy for you and your DS as I followed you last year. If I recall, your DS was homeschooled which piqued my interest as my grandson was also homeschooled. Again, a hearty congrats for having pushed through a second go-round, this time successfully!
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    Next appointment rush?

    There aren't 435 principal noms: nor all senators and congressmen do a principal. Some senators corroborate; i.e. the senior senator will provide the junior senator with a list of those on his slate such that the junior senator will not duplicate the senior's slate. This provides better PR as...
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    I've a grandson at the Air Force Academy, just finishing his doolie year, who thinks he wants to attend to medical school. While that's still several years in the future, present grades and performance in chemistry and physics indicate he could do so. After reading this thread and the article...
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    Summer Seminar Decision

    What do you know about USNA as opposed to USAFA and the career opportunities with each service? My grandson applied only to Navy's summer session as USNA was his primary interest. He attended, very much enjoyed the experience and thought it cemented his desire to attend. Subsequently, he...
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    Plan B....backup or active

    Grandson's first choice was USNA with USAFA, Hillsdale College and BYU as backups. He received appointments to both USNA and USAFA. Following a couple of visits to USAFA, it morphed into his first choice and he is now part of the 2022 class.
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    2020 Application

    I'll second KPmom2013's comment about focusing on the SAT. You may wish to take the ACT as well. The two tests are a bit different and ofttimes one performs better on the ACT and vice versa. Test scores can be improved with study and dedication. In my opinion, the SAT/ACT score is more...
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    Multiple Nominations

    There are lots of variables from state to state. In our state, the two senators confer so that each has a slate of 10 with no duplicates. Our senior senator has a principal and second nominee to each academy while our junior senator has an unranked slate. The two senators are of the same...
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    Leaving USAFA

    I would echo Raimius. Though I've not attended a service academy, a grandson is presently a doolie. While never feeling like the OP in the sense that USAFA is not for him, he has certainly had his ups and downs. He is likewise religious and told me that this has been the most spiritual...
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    The evening after the A-Day parade, C4s were "vaping"--our cadet and roommate were invited into the room but did not go. I'm a bit old fashioned and so had to go online to understand what vaping was. Reading about it, I was surprised that it would go on at USAFA. Is there any policy on it?
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    June 28, 2018 In-Processing Day

    The colors of all the squadrons are posted here: