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    BOLC dates

    DS commissioned this past Sat. IBOLC report date 5/26 Ft Benning. He'd heard DMGs go sooner.
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    Commissioning Day!!

    DS' Commissioning day this am as well. Even more meaningful and touching than my husband and I had expected. I wish I had a transcript of guest speaker Major General Rapp eloquent words. It was a treasured day seeing these accomplished young men and women with their loving families and friends...
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    Where is Everyone Taking Their ROTC Scholarship?!?!?! (Any Branch)

    DS AROTC has loved PITT!! Just graduated and we head back coming weekend for commissioning. I'd expect Three Rivers AFROTC to be at same high standard. Lots of opportunities . PITT is a wonderful school. Best of luck!
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    Plan B assistance requested

    Your son needs to visit both schools. DS thought ERAU Daytona was the place to be until we visited. Attractive also cause room and board is covered. ERAU is not as stated above, a typical university experience . DS graduates Sun from Pitt- loved it and his Cadre/commissions 5/13 and is...
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    ROTC and Fraternities

    DS has been in his fraternity since freshman year. Those guys are his "brothers". He moved into philanthropy and leadership roles in his fraternity. Those roles contribute to OML points. That's the positive side.....
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    Graduation and commissioning gift ideas

    Just got the pics today @Blacktooth Woodworks on FB and etsy
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    AROTC what to bring to college

    Definitely moleskin. I think DS would say need extra pair of boots you know you can run in. They get wet - a lot. Also if you're not living with other early risers - an alarm that goes under you - to shake you awake .
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    Graduation and commissioning gift ideas

    Well financed the ASU package but I also decided to get a "man" keepsake/jewelry box (wood) made for him for watches, those gold bars and that sort of stuff. So he has everything in one spot when he drives down to Ft Benning end of next month.
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    AROTC Transfer Approvals?

    As I recall , submitting the request earlier does not mean you get an earlier answer. You will hear by the date listed on the letter. Yes it comes down to the wire for when that deposit is due. Has your DS been in contact with the school he wants? That helped us. My son was a first board...
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    AROTC 4YR Scholarship Transfer Question

    Three Rivers Battalion !! Love Pitt! My DS loves it - MS IV commissioning May 13. Lots of opportunity, support from his cadre. Highly recommend! He actually transferred his scholarship to TRB 4 yrs ago.
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    AROTC Commissioning ceremony

    Thank you for sharing! So glad I asked.
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    AROTC Commissioning ceremony

    Thanks! 6 weeks for us but graduation is in 4 and they may be in uniform for that- not sure. Is the silver dollar given to them at commissioning or to go with them to IBOLC?
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    AROTC Commissioning ceremony

    Thank you!
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    AROTC Commissioning ceremony

    Aside from boxes of Kleenex, do I need to bring anything to the ceremony? I saw something about coins for the bars? What is the ceremony like? Any preparedness tips welcome. DS has had all his ASU stuff for months from Marlow White.
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    Army OML

    GPA and PFT and involvement/leadership in and out of ROTC
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    senior HS-potential injury and Army ROTC

    Pitching and catching same game is little league. Your son is obviously a vital enough player to politely talk to his coach about overuse. Doesn't sound like he has to worry about the coach sitting him.....
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    Cadet Roommate

    Exactly as others said- DS has had cadet, non and his close frat bros roomies. Over the years DS has used sleepy-time tea, relaxation music, earplugs , caffeine avoidance. Also learned how to manage w/ sleep deprivation-apparently none of which works on Sun eves after sleeping till noon that AM...
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    Any BOLC dates drop yet?

    DS is same IBOLC June 4 Ft Benning
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    Physical exam before commissioning AROTC?

    Thank you