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    maritime jobs

    Our DS got lucky and landed a 45 day relief on a RoRo ship which is turning into many more than 45 days. He joined MMP in July and his shipping card was about 2 months old. While waiting on a sailing job he was going into the union hall and getting Night Mate jobs, about 1 to 2 a week which is...
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    Restaurant for Parent's Weekend

    A favorite of ours is Harbor Deli, 306 Main Street, Port Washington. 516-883-9597 It's a short drive from KP and the selection of deli sandwiches and salads is extensive. The board displays 64 Harbor Creations and they use Boars Head meats. They also deliver but I don't...
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    Live Link to bell ringing

    Just got my call! Son rang the bell! :thumb::biggrin: What a great feeling!
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    graduation speaker

    GRADUATION SPEAKER CONFIRMED The Superintendent, RADM Philip Greene, Jr., USMS '78, has announced that the 75th Commencement speaker for the Class of 2011 will be New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. Mayor since 2001, Bloomberg has continued to make New York City the financial capital of...
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    Calling card

    My Captain husband says DON'T buy a calling card in the US. They can be purchased very cheap in whatever country they visit. Plus between email, SKYPE, and (if the Captain is nice enough :biggrin:) sometimes cadets are allowed a call from the ship. My husband allows his cadets a 5 min. call as a...
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    Offshore Sailing Team Dominates at Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta

    Beautiful photos! Thank you for posting.:smile:
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    Offshore Sailing Team Dominates at Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta

    Congrats!!! :thumb: Are there any pictures of that race?
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    Try this one: Maersk Line, Ltd. One Commercial Place 20th Floor Norfolk, VA 23510-2103 Write a letter attention to Mr. Dennis Houghton. His email is DHOUGHTON@MLLNET.COM My DS did his internship there in July and my husband is Master on a MLL vessel.
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    last minute planner

    I bought the weekend badge but will be unable to attend. Is it possible to transfer the badge to someone else? If so I would be willing. I am so sad that I cannot make it as this is 1/C year and I have been every year. It is a weekend of great pride. Enjoy it everyone!
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    Shameless Plug....

    Thank you for posting that! My DS is on that boat. The Offshore Sailing team is his reason for living. He has enjoyed it so much and has willingly given up most of his summers to the waterfront. If he had his choice he would never climb the "hill" and always be out on the water. :smile:
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    Newport to Bermuda Race

    Just got a text from my son, he's on Genuine Risk. Says they won! :thumb:
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    Special hotel rates for indoc & parents' weekend

    The BBQ is pretty informal and I'm sure your son would be welcomed. I would suggest to email the waterfront staff ahead of time so they can get an idea for food amounts. It is a nice way to meet the coaches and be in a more relaxed atmosphere as the next day (Indoc) is pretty intense. :thumb:
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    Gift Suggestions

    They also need steel-toed boots and a good flashlight. Mag or Pelican (our Mid prefers Pelican).
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    MSNBC Chris Matthews = Idiot

    In my opinion the Elite Ivy League thinkers that end up as politicians and talking heads that haven't also promised to lay down their life for the United States cannot understand or measure up to these kids that have the brains to get into Harvard and Yale but also the courage to put their lives...
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    2011-A Splitters

    Must have been Pete on the Sealand Meteor as cook. Is that the ship? I know the crew, he's in good hands
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    Christmas Gifts

    Some practical gift ideas are good steel-toed boots, a knife and flashlight (our DS likes Pelican brand with 3 W power). The knife should be good quality, Buck for example. Same for the boots. All are necessary for Deck, I'm sure Engine has similar needs. :smile:
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    Excited for November Break - BUT Let the Dark Ages Begin

    Ditto to Jamzmom. I have sent a care package every week since plebe year and limit my input to "I sure love those stars you are earning". That's the extent of my involvement in his education. He can and will do it. I can and will deal with the separation. He is my youngest and boy it's been...
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    Mid term Grades In the Mail Today

    They have a saying "2.0 and go...." so the minimum in any class is 2.0. My son hasn't had that worry but was kept up late at night by his 2 roomies plebe year trying to help them through calc, physics and navigation classes. One roomie made it and the other had a set-back, came back last year...
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    Email your pc ds or dd before parents weekend

    KP will humiliate CG in soccer and women's volleyball as well according to the schedule!:shake: GO KP BEAT COAST GUARD!!:thumb:
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    Email your pc ds or dd before parents weekend

    This will be my 3rd parent weekend so I think I will weigh in....... It is PARENT weekend and you will all feel very welcomed. The parent associations along with the academy do a wonderful job in putting this on. Here's what you can expect (based on my experiences): Show up EARLY on Friday (if...