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    Should I do the 4 year ROTC scholarship application if I do not want a scholarship?

    If you take an ROTC scholarship and later decide that you want to get out to go to grad school, you have to have 8 years of active duty to get full GI Bill benefits (same with Service Academies). If you don't take the scholarship, you receive full GI Bill education benefits after 3 years of...
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    We have a great dog. He previously belonged to someone in the Air Force who was transferred and couldn't take the dog with him. He found a new home but they gave the dog back shortly before the transfer. He ended up chaining the dog to the fence of the area humane society so they would find...
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    NROTC PFT & other

    When my DD was in the Boston Consortium along with Tufts, they took the swim test during initial orientation. She needed to pass the third class swim test, most passed the second class swim test as well. She said it wasn't as difficult as it looked.
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    NORWICH Laundry Services / ROTC/ Corps of Cadets

    Laundry service at my DD's college was not near that expensive - you paid according to how many bags of clothes you had to wash each week. I paid for the service as between her studies, ROTC and other activities I thought her time could be better spent elsewhere. I remember when she applied...
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    Princeton AROTC or Yale NROTC?

    DD was in your position several years ago - for her it was an easy choice, but your experience may be very different. She really liked the Army ROTC unit at Princeton. However . . . When she visited the campuses after her junior year of high school, at Yale the head of the department for her...
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    What constitutes a “reach” school?

    It is likely blocked because the number of students from your high school admitted to the Ivy's was too low to meet the minimum threshold for Naviance. In my DD's case, she is the only student from her high school ever admitted to her college, so if she showed up on Naviance it would no longer...
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    Worried DS is giving up on Academy dream to jump at NROTC Scholarship

    DD visited USNA for Summer Seminar and fell in love with the academy. The next week she visited Yale and fell in love with Yale also. Very different, but they both had their strong points. The one thing she didn't like on her visit to Yale was that the LT she met with was very opposed to...
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    Rejection from USNA 2022

    DD was in a similar position several years ago. She graduated from a high school which was on academic probation by the state because of its poor performance. In her case, I believe that helped her. If two students have similar standardized test scores, one coming from a high school with...
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    Curious about how final college GPA factors for placement when college does not curve grades

    When DD went through service selection in NROTC a couple of years ago, GPA counted for 45% of total score. Tier 1 majors were given a 10% bonus and Tier 2 majors a 5% bonus on their overall scores. What college you went to made no difference, all colleges were considered the same regardless of...
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    Anxious mom seeks advice

    Regarding nominations, the NJROTC nomination is sufficient. DD had a nomination from her NJROTC Commander when she applied to USNA several years ago and received an appointment to the academy so your DS is good on that count. And if he has not heard from USNA yet, there is still time on that...
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    Ivy League

    Agree. It is not the scholarship which is important, but factors which led to the scholarship can be an influence. My DD applied to several Ivy's but did not apply for an ROTC scholarship. She did, however, make it clear that she planned to be a part of ROTC on campus and to commission as an...
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    USMC ROTC Awardee has Braces! Question....

    My DD made an appointment before leaving for cruise to have her wisdom teeth out when she returned. While on cruise (on a carrier) she took a tour of the ship including the doctor and dentist. The dentist said he wasn't busy so he took them out the next morning. Saved me having to pay a dentist.
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    NROTC - SWO Ship selection

    A link to the NROTC ship selection list should show up shortly on the same page the USNA list was on if it is like last year. You should also be able to log on and watch via internet as ships are selected and registered on the list (again, if it is like last year)
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    Using ROTC scholarship vs. Transferred GI Bill benefits

    · While Calc and Physics are not required for college programmers/advanced standing, it is highly recommended - primarily because the navy has a hard time getting enough volunteers for subs. While many see a disadvantage of the college program as not being able to go on summer cruise until...
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    Using ROTC scholarship vs. Transferred GI Bill benefits

    You are indeed in a very fortunate position. DD was in a similar position. She turned down an appointment to the Naval Academy and chose to do NROTC as a college programmer as she had a full scholarship to college. She opted not to apply for an NROTC scholarship as it was not needed, and as...
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    Can anyone tell me whether CORTRAMID is usually scheduled the same time each year?
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    ROTC without scholarship

    My DD graduated last year without a scholarship and with a three year service obligation. As she opted for SWO nuke, that increased her service obligation to six years (technically five-and-a-half, but the clock won't start ticking until she finishes a couple of schools and reports for permanent...
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    Military pre-med vs NROTC

    If your goal is to be a doctor, then NROTC is probably not the way to go as your chances are very limited to go to medical school out of college. Army ROTC may be a better option. My DD just commissioned through NROTC and had only two in her class at college who were Army ROTC, but both of...
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    Received the ROTC Scholarship - should son decline other scholarships?

    Penn State (correct?) estimates additional expenses in the cost of attendance to be $3800-4000 per year
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    Iowa State NROTC

    I think the students in question were "mooning" as part of an initiation stunt.