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    Running for Beast

    In the letters and emails I have gotten from West Point, they have strongly stressed running to get ready for Beast. I've started running some fairly long distances, but am afraid to run everyday because I think that all of that aerobic exercise will cause me to lose a little bit of muscle...
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    Packing for SLS

    I started backing for SLS and now I'm getting nervous that I won't be prepared. Can anyone answer my following questions on what to pack from experience? "2-3 pairs of shoes" - are tennis shoes fine or should we bring a pair of dress shoes to wear to class? Will we need to bring extra...
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    Work Experience

    Instead of getting a job at a local restaurant or retail store, which is difficult to hold down due to the sporadic nature of my extracurricular activities schedule, I usually help my dad out renovating houses. Would I be able to list his company as an employer? It is a fully incorporated business.
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    Foreign Language at West Point

    Would it be possible to take two foreign languages in lieu of a different elective?
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    I don't know if anyone has seen or tried this yet, but it seems to me like a fool-proof way to get ready for the CFT. 100 pushups in 6 weeks 200 situps in 6 weeks 25 pullups in 6 weeks (coming soon) All you have to do is work out three days a week using...
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    CFA at SLS

    thanks a lot for your help! I am pretty familiar with the process of the CFA but wasn't sure if it changed because of the large amount of kids. Thanks for clearing it up for me. Can't wait to get up there in the summer!
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    CFA at SLS

    Can anyone speak from experience as to how the CFA is administered at SLS? I've been training pretty hard because I would love to get a decent score on the CFA at SLS and not have to worry about it during the rest of the admissions process. Considering how many people are at SLS, I'm assuming...
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    NASS vs. Boys' State

    Yeah, that advice lines up with what I've heard from others. Seeing as I would much rather go to West Point, I'm leaning towards Boys' State, especially because there seems to be other ways to visit the Naval Academy. Thank you all for your help!
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    NASS vs. Boys' State

    I'm a junior and have already been accepted to West Point's SLS during the second week. Just yesterday I submitted my application to NASS for the third session. After applying I went to the Keystone Boys' State website and saw that it coincides with the third session of NASS. If I were to be...
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    SLS Acceptance Letter

    Got my acceptance letter today in the mail also. Can't wait! What a christmas present!
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    Turned down for SLS.

    I applied for SLS on December 14, and called admissions today because I had still not heard anything. They told me they had just sent out letters this morning and that they should be arriving in 3 to 4 days, assuming no delays from the holiday mail.
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    Test Scores for SLS?

    Because it operates on a rolling admissions system, should you constantly update your profile with any new awards you receive? Will they automatically reconsider your application or should you simply reapply once you have updated your profile?
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    Walking on for Football

    This may seem like a random question, but is it possible to walk-on to West Point's football team. I'm currently a junior and get a good amount of playing time, but don't think I would be good enough to be recruited. I know that West Point requires all students to participate in some sort of...
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    West Point clothing

    I live in south-western PA and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on how to get West Point apparel- hoodies, t-shirts, etc. I don't know if there are any large sporting goods stores that carry USMA clothing, or which sites are reliable. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Preparing to apply (building resume & training)

    Thanks so much everyone for all the help. In regards to activities you can't be a varsity captain at our school until your a senior, but next year I plan on getting officer positions in Student Government, TSA, FBLA, and NHS. Hope that will impress the admission office. Thanks once again, and...
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    Preparing to apply (building resume & training)

    sorry yeah 1280 math and verbal. Also I'm considering volunteering in my local MoC's office. Will that help with a nomination??
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    Preparing to apply (building resume & training)

    Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school who has decided that he wants to go to West Point more than anything in else in the world, and is willing to sacrifice to get there. Academically, I feel that I'm on track, 4.25 GPA, 2nd in class, 1280 on SAT's(plan on retaking a couple times), all honors...