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    Don't give up

    My son received an AFROTC scholarship and was not given a waiver for a hip condition he suffered when younger. He is very active, the Concorde doctor gave him a thumbs up, but the AFROTC decision maker said no - period. He then found out about the Army Helicopter Flight Program at UND, applied...
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    Legg Perthes

    Thank you. We are ready to go through the process. Just wasn't sure if this was in a "no chance" category, or if there are any no chance categories.
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    Legg Perthes

    My son had Legg Perthes as a 9 year old. He received agressive treatment and now has full range of motion with no limitations on activities. The disqualification number is D224.10. I am wondering if any of the disqualifying conditions are not open to appeal. He is a junior this year and is...