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    ABET Certified Requirement?

    My DS is a freshman on a Type 1 scholarship at an Ivy. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and is happy to do so, but would like to double major in Russian (another AFROTC desired major). He is being told by his unit that a BS in Mech E is not sufficient; he must get the ABET Certified...
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    My son never had surgery and got waiver for USNA extremely quickly. Currently waiting on waiver for NROTC and AFROTC, but expect them any time now. The doc Dodmets sent him to stated no reason he shouldn't be fully qualified.
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    Countdown to April 15th

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    Countdown to April 15th

    Mine too! If he gets an appointment probably won't accept now because has gotten excited about NROTC at an Ivy. The drawn-out timeframe may have lost the USNA a great mid.
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    What constitutes a “reach” school?

    We are from an east coast state, but I don't think of my DS as a rockstar. He certainly didn't start a non-profit. He's not even a varsity athlete, but he is a very good student with respectable--not great scores, and he has an NROTC scholarship and acceptance at Yale. You shouldn't just recycle...
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    I needed a good laugh! Thank you.
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    Worried DS is giving up on Academy dream to jump at NROTC Scholarship

    It's funny, my DS has also gotten into RPI and decided not to even go visit because they lack the variety in courses outside his major that both USNA and Yale offer. He's visiting Yale this week and went to CVW at USNA last year (along with summer stem several years ago). He loved the academy...
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    Worried DS is giving up on Academy dream to jump at NROTC Scholarship

    Definitely HIS dream, but he's had it so long it made me nervous to see him dropping it so quickly for the excitement of Yale admission. His dad and I are both nerdy scientists, so his desire for a military career has always seemed completely foreign to us. That part of his plans has not...
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    Worried DS is giving up on Academy dream to jump at NROTC Scholarship

    We're not a military family, so know very little about all these things. DS has dreamed of USNA since he was tiny--we're still CPR, so dream is not dead. But now he's received an NROTC scholarship and admission at Yale. Clearly, Yale is an incredible option, and he's so excited that he's certain...
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    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    1. Ex.BT.USN / DD / Feb 22 / Holy Cross / Tier 3 2. Amazed/DD/Feb 22/ MIT-Undecided/Tier 1 3. parentofhopeful/DS/Dec 17/VMI/Tier 1 4. teachersara/DS/March 14/Yale/Tier 1 5. NAVYCAPT93/DS/Feb22/Stanford/Tier 1/ 6. CrewDad/DS/Dec/YaleUndecided/T3 7. Kris10/DD/Mar14/Villanova/Tier1 8...
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    I miss thinking news would only come on Thursdays. Now I feel like a web stalker every day. Tuesdays TWE e-mails came out after 1:00. It says something pitiful about me that I know that.
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    How can I convince my parents?

    I wish you'd been our BGO. Ours had the interview in our home, which made me extremely nervous (what types of food to put out, etc...). He made it clear that he was looking to see that we were supportive but not pushing. We stayed for maybe 30 minutes, then we had to leave and came back after...
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    Nomination & Waiver Consideration

    Ms DS has a waiver for USNA, has received both NROTC and AFROTC scholarships, but is still waiting on the waivers for the ROTCs. Apparently they will award scholarships then pursue a waiver later. His follow-up medical appt. for the ROTC waiver is today. It's just extra stuff to go through.
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    How can I convince my parents?

    As a non-military parent that had true reservations about my DS's decision (at the age of about 12) to join the Navy and his dream of attending USNA, I can sympathize with yours, RJY84. As my son grew, his determination only strengthened. He has become the kind of young man that everyone except...
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    How can I convince my parents?

    My DS's BGO didn't give us the opportunity NOT to be at the interview (or at least at part of it). He made it clear that family support was important.
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    Complete Pending Review

    I love your attitude and outlook! Our local news had a great article this week about blooming where you are planted with respect to college admissions decisions (because so many are coming out this week). You will certainly bloom wherever you go. It takes a special kid to get this far in the...
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    Complete Pending Review

    I'm so sorry! You received an e-mail today? Argh!!! I was hoping bad news only came on Thursdays. Now we can dread every day equally.
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    The Ultimate Sacrifice

    My DS began thinking about this after those two collisions last year. He gave it some serious thought and still chose to proceed with his application. I'm glad he considered the situation with seriousness, but I'm also proud that he continued forward.
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    Summer STEM

    My DS went to STEM 3 years ago. Not a robotics kid. He LOVED the fluid dynamics workshops and made some great friends. Several of his STEM friends are also candidates this year, and those friendships are helping with the waiting.
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    Complete Pending Review

    Feeling so hopeful at still being CPR after last Thursday! USNA has been dream for years, but DS will hear from 2 Ivy league this week. Acceptance to one of those would definitely cushion the blow if there is one (or Wednesday could be a completely depressing day). Every week we think we can't...