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    AFROTC scholarship question regarding appointment

    My DS did accept his AFROTC scholarship because that is what was recommended by the office that awarded him the scholarship. He called and talked to them and let them know he had received a Service Academy appointment. I do believe it was forfeited once he reported for BCT. The scholarship...
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    Pre-Candidate Questionnaire

    Maybe the coach who is recruiting you would have the most accurate answer. I am no authority on the matter but I think you would probably be fine scorewise for the pre candidate questionnaire. The actual application is much more in depth and you will want your best scores before completing...
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    My advice is not to worry too much about other appointments. My DS had a senatorial and congressional nomination and every time I saw an appointment from our district I couldn’t reconcile how there were any spots left. He did finally get his appointment and when we went to the dinner held by...
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    USAFA reapplicants

    Also, there may be a nomination route through the ROTC program there at A&M so it might be worth asking some questions earlier rather than later. On a side note, when my DS was applying to the Academy he had an acceptance at A&M and AROTC scholarship. The folks over at the Trigon were very...
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    USAFA reapplicants

    I have some unique insight in that I have a Junior in the Corps at A&M and a C4C at the Academy. My junior had a friend who was a fish with her at A&M and reapplied to the Academy their freshman year and was accepted (now a C3C). I know there are some staff officers at the Trigon who have some...
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    Parent Accompaniment for DoDMERB

    When my DS went at age 17 there was paperwork that had to be signed by a parent before they would do the exam. My husband went into the room with him to help answer any medical questions that DS didn't know. He had a drug allergy at a young age and a few broken bones that he didn't really...
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    Jacks Valley March

    If signs had been available for the class of '59 parents would have bought them back then too! We can't be there and I haven't heard of a fundraiser for this either. Maybe the Colorado group or some sponsors might be there? Doolie day out is right before so I will just send good luck wishes...
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    Squadron Assignments

    My DS is Hellcats.
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    Knee problems while running

    I agree that the IT bands are a possible cause . My kids all have this issue from time to time as experienced runners. My daughter feels it in her hips and my sons feel it on the outside of their knees. I wouldn't call it a condition or injury as much as soreness. Doing the stretches helps A...
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    Bank accounts

    I have to chime in and say I think it's worth it to go ahead and establish an account with USAA. There is a some time to deal with a bit of hassle now and just get it finished. Why kick it down the road? In my opinion it's really the best choice and the overall reputation of this company is...
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    Leadership & Extracurriculars

    My DS applied for the SAME (Society of American Military Engineers) summer camp that is held at each of the Service Academies. It is run by SAME but is held on the grounds of the academies. There are current and former cadets involved as well as active duty and retired military members. He was...
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    Plan B

    There are differing opinions on this, but we are keeping our plan B in case of illness or injury. We paid the deposit last fall so the only change made was to move his New Student Conference to the end of the summer. It was so much work to make all of this happen that I'm not willing to take a...
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Congratulations ! We are TX-23 too, I think there are at least 3 or 4 from our district.
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    BCT Physical Preparation

    I would advise following the recommendations given in the handbook for sure. I will add that, depending on where you live now, the altitude could be an issue in the first week while your body adjusts so really try to get some cardio in each day. I personally recommend alternating swimming and...
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    TV Commercial

    In the time that my DS has been going through the process of getting his appointment to the USAFA I have been most surprised by the number of people who have absolutely no idea about the SAs. This includes several of the counselors at his High School. We live in San Antonio which is home to a...
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    wisdom teeth

    My DS had his removed on March 10 and is completely back to normal now. We sent a letter from his oral surgeon to Dodmerb as mentioned before. I'm glad we went ahead and got it taken care of. Good luck!
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    High school does not rank- any suggestions

    It was just changed in the portal after the transcripts were reviewed.
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    High school does not rank- any suggestions

    The application asks for an unweighted gpa which for my DS was around a 3.6 at a competitive school. They also ask for a school profile from the counselor with the transcripts. Once the Academy reviewed the scores they changed it to a 4.26 with whatever criteria they use. So they do weight the...
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    Bank accounts

    Is anyone else trying to do this with an appointee who is still a minor? We already use USAA and he has a child account under ours. Luckily he turns 18 next month so I think we will just wait a few weeks to check this box.
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    New USAFA commandant selected

    We wish her the best of luck and offer our support! It's funny how the young officers we meet along the way seem frozen in time until they reemerge to age us. I don't know her but I do know how you feel!