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    College Application Waivers

    If a cadet is not qualified for assession into the Air Force but has a good GPA and no conduct issues, what type of discharge will he get? Are there military waivers that would allow him to apply at college for free? If his exception is not approved, we need to have plan “B” in place. Applying...
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    Possible medical disqualification

    So basically if the melanoma was found a year later after he signed, this would not be happening. The oncology surgeon has written a letter. He is one of a hand ful of doctors that participated in a DNA screening research program. This was conducted on my son and results were listed as non...
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    Possible medical disqualification

    According to the letter my son received from his AOC a medical waiver was denied. Mind you my son has been back to his schedule at the academy as soon as the bandage come off and this was back in July of 2017. Now to hear this has been going on behind the scenes. He was never aware of any...
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    Possible medical disqualification

    My son is currently attending USAFA as a C2C in his second semester. His GPA and class rank are good. He has been in the deans list the past two semesters. Now the question, in the summer after completing his freshman year a mile was discovered. It was termed malignant melanoma. It was...