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    Follow up question: Can you have your iPhone plebe year? If so do you have to clear your itunes playlist?
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    Can plebes have them in their room or walking around if their playlist is on their iPhones?
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    IL nominations?

    Any updates on IL nominations? Any updates on IL nominations?
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    General application question

    That is great that you already have a nomination. Would you mind sharing your stats?
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    GC updating

    I know that any new information that should be added to our portal (team captaincy) should come through the guidance councilor, correct? is this done via email, snail mail or fax?
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    LOAs - For comparison's sake

    I know this is an old resurrected thread-but in reading through it there were LOAs that went out in July of last year (or possibly the year before). Have there been any that have gone out this year?
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    2016 Stats - Office of the Dean

    Do writing scores now count? My highest ACT score was my writing score and I was under the impression it was not going to count. However, on the profile it states that the scores listed include only scores used as a basis for admission, and the writing scores are listed.
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    Any updates on people accepted from Illinois and what their stats are?
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    CFA and NASS

    how are your other stats? scores, class rank and such? maybe if the rest is very high the pull ups will matter less?
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    Same highschool 2 yrs in a row?

    Thanks for everyone's answers :thumb: Being a Cubs fan has taught me a lot about values. The value I get out of it is patience. A lot of patience. A lot of patience. (a misquote by Ernie Banks) A little boy is walking down the street one day and finds a genie jar. He opens it and...
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    Same highschool 2 yrs in a row?

    Will USMA appoint two kids from the same high school one year after the next? I just found out a recruited athlete from my school just was appointed to the class of 2016. Will this lower my chances for the class of 2017 since geographic diversity is important?
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    Admission Team Question

    Is the admission team all of the RCs?
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    Admission Team Question

    Who makes up the Admission Team? How much say does your FFR have?
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    "Compare Myself" Thread

    Academics GPA (UW): 3.7 Weighted 4.4 Class Rank: 70/660 16 Honors/AP Courses by senior yr Junior Year Courses: AP Lang, Honors Calc, Honors Chem, AP US dual college credit computers SAT: Sub-score: Math-730, CR-630, ACT Sub-score: Math-34, Reading-26, Science-31, English-34...
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    S.A.M.E Engineering camp

    Has anyone done The S.A.M.E Engineering camp? I was considering applying because it sounded interesting but my summer is already pretty hectic-so I have to prioritize. So I also wanted to know if it is looked upon favorably by USMA admissions?
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    multiple summer sessions-random questions

    Is anyone doing multiple summer sessions and flying straight from one to another? Does is seem like you need a sleeping bag at each of the SA's summer sessions? How are you fitting a sleeping bag in your suitcase? Can those who did multiple sessions last year comment on the differences...
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    what counts as a minority?

    WITHOUT getting into the pros/cons of diversity recruitment/selection whatever, can someone list what is considered and what is not considered a minority for selection purposes to a service academy?
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    How to deal with sexual harassment?

    Vamom To VAMOM- you may want to go back and reread your posts. Perhaps you don't mean to come off as you are on this thread.
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    720 ACT? and No more LOAs

    It was my understanding that the entire slate of the ten MOC's nominations are presented to the admissions board at the same time. So that if one person finished their packet early, they still have to wait for the other nine to finish and all ten are presented at the same time. I am not sure...
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    720 ACT? and No more LOAs

    Correct-I am currently a high school junior applying for the class of 2017.