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    Ranger Challenge at Ft Dix

    We have been told it's closed to participating cadets and cadre... meaning we cannot bring our battalion for moral support like previous years. I would assume that restriction extends to parents.
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    Ranger Challenge- worth it?

    It is honestly only worth it if you truly want to do it. It isn't going to be fun exciting training. Most of it will be mentally and physically exhausting. If you put 100% in you are sure to get something out of it. If you're not committed, you are probably just wasting your time and the rest of...
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    Army- Branch news for MS4

    Received MI branch detail FA.
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    Getting better at the APFT while putting on mass/lifting

    Not sure if you're already in ROTC? APFT is a thing of the past. ACFT is what you need to train for.
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    First dibs this summer?

    Are you asking if being accepted last year gives them priority this year?
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    Commissioning question

    I know an above reply mentioned you need a passing APFT to go through accessions. I have cadets in my program who have failed their APFT this semester but are still going through accessions. Obviously, it differs between programs. The best advice I can give is to have your cadet follow up with...
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    Commissioning question

    What paperwork are you referring to? Did she receive her component (Active Duty, NG, Reserves) in October? Has she completed her TAB profile and submitted her branch preferences? If so, it will be the discretion of the PMS as to when she is able to take another PT test. I can probably provide...
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    Army - 2020 Fall FTX

    Operating as usual, just with masks on.
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    Alternative Physical Fitness Test

    As of today October 1st, the ACFT is now the official test of record. As far as I know, unless a cadet has failed an APFT September 30th or prior (90 days to retest) cadets attempting to validate scholarships or contracts are going to subject to a modified ACFT (This is coming from 6th brigade)...
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    Off Campus Customs and Courtesy

    You absolutely never need to salute another cadet. I understand some programs are more serious about rank structure and positions than others, but you especially do not need to if it is not an ROTC sanctioned ceremony or event. As far as I am concerned, you should only ever be saluting...
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    DODMERB concerns

    Completely normal for your DODMERB exam. Might have been uncomfortable but it happens to every male.
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    Spring 2020 GPA OML

    Cadre here are telling our MS3 class that our Spring 2020 GPA will most likely not be factored into our OML. Assuming it has to do with some universities moving to pass/fail. As someone working on improving my GPA with solid grades my entire Junior year, pretty difficult news to swallow if it...
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    Army internships

    Cadre said late January early Febuary, still have not heard back yet either.
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    Late stipend

    My program does not have the most attentive staff, which certinaly does not help the situation.
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    Late stipend

    Monthly stipends and the book stipend were delayed during the Fall because of the federal budget issues. I did not recieve my book stipend until after the semester ended, and my tutition was only paid a few weeks ago. Cadre said things should be back to normal (for now). My biggest piece of...
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    ACFT at Camp 2020?

    There are 6 events. Each event is out of 100 points. Final score is the summation of all 6 events (out of 600.) In particular, for the deadlift and power throw, you have two attempts and the higher score is taken. Hand-release pushups, sprint drag carry, legtuck, and 2-mile is all one attempt.
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    Senior Year Grades

    They very well could. Regardless, grades matter more than anything once you get into ROTC, so make sure you're keeping up your work ethic because college is only going to get harder.
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    Guarantee Active Duty?

    National Guard assignments are based off open slots for your branch within the specific state. Speaking from personal experience, there tends to be a cadre member or two with connections statewide that often have the ability to find openings and slots.
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    ROTC Profile rules

    Are you contracted?
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    ROTC scholarship has yet to pay.....

    Expect this hassle every semester, it will never be a smooth process. Sadly my university bursar is very particular about refusing to remove holds on accounts and makes it even more difficult than it needs to be.