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    Utter Frustration with myself

    No most of these kids already have an excellent single sitting score, they are just wanting to boost one area. I wouldn't do this from the start. Only after a complete sitting.
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    Utter Frustration with myself

    go to test, take one section only and sleep through rest, then go to another test and do the same. When you try to do it all at once your brain gets fried. Some of you think this is cheating I know, but the system is set up this way so it is called working smarter not harder.
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    Teacher Evaluations

    Some school servers screen out the recommendation request E-mail from academies, never even makes it to the Junk file. work closely with your teacher, and guidance counselors. To make sure they get it. If possible might better yet get their private e-mail.
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    The more things change the more they stay the same!

    Hi Friends, Can't believe it has been a year since my sons commissioning. I punched out with the statement that it was time for me to work on something new for awhile. Been road tripping a lot with my husband for his business venture. Went back to college working on the Pre-Nursing classes...
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    No Longer a Mid Mom...

    Hmmm, yes I could see how my prior statement could be seriously misconstrued :oops:.
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    No Longer a Mid Mom...

    Well he got her done. Now I am feeling like I need to form a new identity. Amazing how this experience has been such a big deal to our whole family. Can't believe the 4 years are gone already, almost seems surreal to me. He says he just feels like he is on leave. Truth is he is headed...
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    Band of Brothers- 3 to Comission

    I remember when they started, their parents must be fit to burst with pride about now!
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    "Got my choice of Summer Block Marine Corps Ground Thing, Mom -I Can't Explain It"

    My son really enjoyed it. Some camping out, wallowing int he Mud. The BIGGIE, got to Qualify on a Machine gun, (Only because they happen to have extra ammo) His was called Brown water opps. or something along that line. Think small PT type boats working the coastline, and yeah all different...
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    Youngster class schedule. Holy Crap!

    As to the swimming, I can tell you My son's happiest day at the Academy was when he passed the final swimming test. Did it during Summer school so he could concentrate on it. I remember the day I got the text , "now I know I can graduate, just passed my swimming test!" who would have...
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    Car Insurance ~ New info?

    USAA actually has a special category for Service Academy students, its own discounted rate, Just have to press the issue a bit, Not all the representatives are aware of it. Even if they have their own car they can still be on the family policy. They prefer that that vehicle show its local as MD.
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    Lexington, VA

    Fall, Make it a fall visit and pray for sunny days, nothing like the Mountains surrounding it alive with color.
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    BFE arrival

    See so it didn't matter at all that he went Navy:p
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    BFE arrival

    WP had the coolest little Pressed/printed cardboard square that you could put on your High School graduation cap so people sitting above you at gradation could see it
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    Way off topic :) Memphis Relocation

    Right when I hit that send button it went through my head, shoot just blew my cover, so much for anonymity. :confused:
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    Your son/daughter goes where???

    Recycling this one for our new folks Goes with the "Help me with a response" thread....Nothing is ever new, just read history. This is still my favorite thread since I started following this forum. Never have taken the time to look at the really old stuff though.
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    Way off topic :) Memphis Relocation

    Yep, I figured a few of us are hitting both forums ;). It would seem that other offers are being tendered. So the move may not happen. In this day and Age I am so happy for him that he is wanted by more than one employer, although I must admit the pay is low.
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    Way off topic :) Memphis Relocation

    Have a Son (Midn's Brother) Taking a job in Memphis near the airport. Any leads on inexpensive safe housing for a young family. Also any tips for living in the area. They are Country kids, he is an Agriculture and Heavy equipment tech, transitioning to a white collar job for an AG...
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    Please help me with a response
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    No Caller ID

    Not all call
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    The Gray Months....

    All the pictures of snow storms at USNA are Mids having snowball fights.... Just saying ;)