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  1. humblebeginnings

    USMA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    Mom2024, I believe she was referring to the current prepsters who were admitted to USMA and will be joining the USMA class of 2024.
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    Active Duty Army Stole

    In 2017 when my DS graduated from high school, USMA sent a topper as well. Cords or stole was not sent. I don't believe our high school would have allowed it any ways.
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    Will an LOA show up in the portal?

    Yes I understand what it is as my 2021 received a LOA. I just didn't know it would be mailed if the application wasn't finished and in good order.
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    Will an LOA show up in the portal?

    @hopeful2024 You received an LOA without completing your application? I didn't know they would do that. Are you sure it was a LOA and not a LOE? Either way, congratulations.
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    CFA Administrator/PE SOE question

    @Holden100. This isn't a true answer to your question but more of a suggestion. My DD 2021 was a three sport athlete and was in the middle of her basketball playoffs when she completed the CFA (third week of February smh). As with your scenario, her coaches were not PE teachers. We were...
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    Plebe height?

    I agree with mom3boys. As a side note, you may want to consider changing your member name if Jon Rosenfeld is your real name since this is anonymous forum.
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    Continuing a Legacy
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    Question about Law and Legal Studies Degree

    @Gbd12817 Purely speculation on my part but I think it could help if pursuing a law enforcement carrier.
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    USAFA Class of 2023 Appointment Thread

    Congratulations to your DD and best of luck to her on her journey! As many have said, it's about the willingness to serve and not necessarily the path taken. Wishing great things for her!
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    USAFA Class of 2023 Appointment Thread

    @VP2000 What did your DD decide? USMA or other?
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    Other Possible Nomination Sources

    What @MidCakePa speaks of is exactly what happened to my 2021 West Point DD. She did not complete her application until February of 2017. By that time she had missed the nomination process ( she wasn't sure of herself or the process). She received an LOA on March 8th. On March 23rd through...
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    Cadet Trust Fund

    I paid my 2021 DD $2K deposit. She also paid $1K from money she received from High School graduation gifts. She was also awarded a local scholarship that was payable upon her completing her first semester of college. The scholarship was for $5K. All of that was put into her Cadet fund. To...
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    USMA Class of 2023 Appointment Thread

    Based on the information within this thread, April 13th. However this is a small sample size of appointments offered. Probably 10 to 12%.
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    Congratulations to you and your son! I'm sorry but someone contacted me about the boots last...

    Congratulations to you and your son! I'm sorry but someone contacted me about the boots last week & I mailed them. Good luck! Go Army!
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    How important is Boys State?

    There are many people who were appointed that did not attend Boys/Girls State, SLE or NASS with my DD being one of them. With that being said, I understand your position of wanting to give your DS the best footing possible for an appointment. That's what we as parents do. If your son wants to...
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    How important is Boys State?

    You have stated that your DS's father is a former USMA admissions officer. With this being the case, he is probably more experienced with how the admissions process works than 99.9% of us in this forum. If he knows the metrics and already know that your DS can't improve in the leadership...
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    SLE not selected

    My DD is a member of 2021 and she did not apply for SLE.
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    No boxing requirement for female cadets?

    USMA does require ALL cadets to take the boxing course, regardless of gender.
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    USMAPS has their own R-day and Cadet Candidate Basic Training. USMAPS R-day is a couple of weeks after USMA's. Also, USMAP CC's who are given the golden ticket to USMA will participate in CBT their Plebe year.
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    Class of 2023 Boot memo out

    ******ATTENTION******* I have a pair of brand new, never worn, men's size 8 Belleville C390 Coyote color boots I would like to give FREE to a good home. If interested, please reply or send me a private message. Thanks.