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  1. CatHerder

    Parents Weekend 2018 - USMMA

    The schedule has been released and watch shifts have been assigned. Check with your plebe.
  2. CatHerder

    Class of 2022 Be Ready

    Oh, that’s awful.
  3. CatHerder

    Class of 2022 Be Ready

    What was last year’s Indoc crisis?
  4. CatHerder

    Welcome Aboard Events for the Class of 2022 Plebes Candidates

    How do we get more info? This is closer to us than the North Texas one!
  5. CatHerder

    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    I put the wrong date at first.
  6. CatHerder

    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    @CatHerder , just added you to the whole list as I think it is easier with the numbering system this way. It brings total number of Accepted to 34! Welcome Aboard to your DD! Thanks!
  7. CatHerder

    Waiver Question

    Ask your Admissions counselor. We had a similar situation and my daughter reached out and got an answer. I would think at this stage answers will vary per candidate.
  8. CatHerder

    How am I as a candidate?

    Are those ACT scores?
  9. CatHerder

    Notice of Waiver Request?

    My daughter has a medical DQ and she say that anytime DoDMERB does anything, they email her. She received notification of the waiver request and instructions on what she needed to do next.
  10. CatHerder

    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    Thank you for your encouragement!
  11. CatHerder

    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    DD received Letter of Assurance. Now waiting on DoDMERB....
  12. CatHerder

    Rejection from USNA 2022

    TWE today for DD too. Still waiting on her top choice though!
  13. CatHerder

    Dodmerb Disqualification D.200 waiver

    My DD just got notice of additional testing requested for waiver review.
  14. CatHerder

    Portal issues

    Yes, I agree it was helpful to find out here that it appears to be a universal message.
  15. CatHerder

    Portal issues

    This is what my DDs portal says as well. She’s a little stressed.
  16. CatHerder

    Principal Fully Qualified?

  17. CatHerder

    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    My daughter got a no nom letter from Cornyn about a week ago. She got her nom from Cruz.