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    Try using a different browser. If I remember correctly, DODMETS had issues with Chrome and worked better with IE. Not sure about Safari.
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    Under Medical Waiver Review

    Your medical liaison should be listed on the DQ letter from DODMERB.
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    heard of someone who dropped out one semester into the AC year.. receives veteran benefits

    Service Academy attendees are considered active duty and "veterans" per 38 US Code (Veterans Benefits), sec 101 (para 21), and entitled to some VA benefits. Different benefits require different service times. A few only require 1 day, but others, like the VA loan require 24 months. However...
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    HS Junior Applying

    Apply to summer seminar! Applications should open up soon.
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    Other Applicants from my High School

    Trust me, having both USAFA parents as grads, does not make one a "shoe-in"
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    Where to start

    If after your daughter becomes very familiar with USAFA's admission website, and the information here on the forums, she still has questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can send me a private message anytime. (I think you have to have a minimum number of posts to send a private...
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    Dep Dant is trying to fry all the Black N members who wore their sweaters to Halloween

    You specifically said “parents are quick to complain about the Dant...” I was simply pointing out that there is a good size group of legacy parents and grad parents on that page, so just because their plebes may not know better, the parents might. But honestly this topic has rarely come up.
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    Dep Dant is trying to fry all the Black N members who wore their sweaters to Halloween

    I haven't seen many complaints about the Dant on the plebe FB page, but keep in mind, some of "these people" have had a Mid at USNA consecutively for the past decade, and some of "these people" are USNA grads, so they might actually have a good read on past and current leadership. Also, some of...
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    Letter of Assurance (LOA) received

    I have direct knowledge of someone getting an LOA and didn't receive a nom. A close family friend applied to both USAFA and USNA. Her top choice was USNA, but she received an LOA to USAFA in October. She received 2 noms to USNA but none to USAFA. She was not admitted to USNA, and was holding an...
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    USNA Essays???

    The Personal Statement is the last item within the Personal Data Record. So either he wrote it already or inadvertently submitted the PDR without the personal statement. The Prompt is usually a two part prompt, one asking what led to initial interest in USNA and how it will help achieve long...
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    What is a disqualifying CFA?

    As mentioned, mins are not posted anywhere. If he is competitive, which I assume he is with a principal nom, USAFA will tell him to retake if he did not pass the CFA. If on his own, he thinks he can make significant (not just minimal) improvement, he can contact his Admissions counselor and ask...
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    Female wrestlers

    I would highly encourage her to reach out to the Navy Track and Field coach, and even consider going to their camp this summer, and apply for NASS. If she threw 105' with only 3 months training, she has potential for recruitment. Javelin is very specialized and very few schools even have it...
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    DS Recieved LOA today!

    Congrats! Such an exciting time! Happy he can relax and enjoy his senior year!
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    Does Anyone Know Someone Who Came Out of A School to USNA?

    I just sent you a PM. I have a contact for you. He is a current Plebe that went to NAPS last year from A School.
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    Does Anyone Know Someone Who Came Out of A School to USNA?

    Let me reach out to my 2023 and NAPs parents. I'm pretty sure there were several at NAPs from A school that are currently Plebes
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    Female wrestlers

    OP, you mentioned your daughter is not a stellar test taker and she is hoping to get in "on athletic recruitment", but then you say she is "an average athlete". 1. Average athletes do not get recruited, and 2. Even recruited athletes have to meet admission standards. Since Navy does not have a...
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    Congressional Interview as a College Student

    Definitely let the Nom Coordinator know your circumstances. I know our MOC does phone interviews for NAPs, Private Prep, and long distance college applicants.
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    Plebe at USNA--give me your questions!

    So they should use both his ACT scores which will convert to 680 Math and 740 verbal (worst case- could be higher if they only use the 36 verbal like in the past.)
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    Plebe at USNA--give me your questions!

    Yes, they will convert the Math and English to SAT equivalent. They won't use the ACT Reading. They will then compare to SAT scores and use the highest combination. What are his SAT scores? ETA: Actually I'm not completely sure what they currently do, as the new concordances combine the ACT...