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    Not really understanding the Bose hate. Bose are just fine. Use them on a daily basis, and especially useful during travel (I'm usually asleep before the plane even takes off :))
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    Yes! Noise cancelling headphones here are a blessing. They are a big help when it comes to getting work done, especially if you struggle with outside distractions.
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    TV Commercial

    Just a quick clarification- Shelby Steele is a male. I'm also familiar with his writings, as we recently read up on his position in Philosophy of Law. I used to think that affirmative action was a positive until I read his position- and I feel he made a lot of really strong points. This is what...
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    BCT Physical Preparation

    When it comes to work outs, I personally stick to listening to the pros, and that is what I recommend to others as well. helped me build up strength and get much better at weightlifting, and they have plenty of free workout plans available. For running, Nike has some good stuff...
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    Which USAFA Affiliated Prep School?

    Marion Military Institute provides a good balance of academics, PT, and military lifestyle if that is what you're looking for. While its location isn't exactly optimal, it's affordable and you'll make some great friends. I'd love to answer more questions if you have any. Good luck in your journey!
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    Air Force Helos

    Not exactly true. There are plenty of people who desire helicopters. Short answer: it depends. Sometimes the timing needs to be right. For example, if the Air Force doesn't have a strong need for helicopter pilots, there will be less slots. And again, depends on how many people in your class put...
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    No ice... not nice.

    I'm curious, what "right" do you believe you are defending by attacking a cadet who clarified the situation by stating the simple fact (one that was TOLD to us by our superiors) that the President's inauguration has caused the Mitchell Hall hiring freeze? Goodness gracious, not everything is...
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    No ice... not nice.

    LOL, you cannot be serious. Always looking for a fight. Maybe you should get another hobby. Just a suggestion....
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    Air Force brotherhood

    OP- I'd love to talk to you about the brotherhood aspect. Shoot me a PM if you're interested. (same to you, Fighter)
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    Air Force C4C Willing to Answer Questions

    A perfect score will definitely get you some respect, but will not earn you any more phone time than your classmates. Class of 2020 took the PFT exactly 2 weeks after entering BCT.
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    Air Force C4C Willing to Answer Questions

    Of course! That's about the time the cadet gym opens.
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    Being gay in USAFA

    I don't have an answer because I don't argue with people on the internet about policies that are out of my control. This is not the intent of the thread and I'm not going to derail it further.
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    Being gay in USAFA

    I beg to differ. Answer this. How is your question even relevant to the thread whatsoever, or helpful to the OP or lurkers?
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    Being gay in USAFA

    You're completely missing the point. It's not about the answer. It's about being introspective and questioning why it is you would have a preference regarding a roommate's sexuality/race/whatever and determining whether or not your beliefs are well founded or not, and actively trying to work...
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    Being gay in USAFA

    Your last statement is very flawed. Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of the problems that we face as a society have to do with wanting everyone to think the way that we think (especially with the PC culture). We want that diversity in opinion, but at the same time, where do you draw the line on...
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    Choosing between USAFA and USMA

    As a USAFA Cadet who is cross commissioning into the Army: it depends mainly on the lifestyle that you want for yourself and the culture that you want to be a part of. I would love to discuss further over PM if you are interested. The good news is that, ultimately, you can't make a bad choice...
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    Ultimately, the mask is a waste of money. You are better off allocating your time to physical training and simply becoming better at running, push ups, and anything ab or endurance related. Regardless of how good of shape you are in, you will still struggle- that's the name of the game because...
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    Being gay in USAFA

    I completely disagree with this, and here's why. A comparison: after Brown V. Board of Education, did every American's opinion of desegregation/people of different skin color suddenly change? Were African Americans suddenly welcomed into white schools with open arms? From what I recall, the...
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    Being gay in USAFA

    To this whole thread.... all I have to say is, "lol". Listen to the cadets on here who have offered their help. They will be able to give you a good gauge on the climate here. Enjoy your last few months of freedom, and I wish you the best of luck at USAFA!
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    STO training out of academy, or during?

    I'm a little confused about what exactly you're asking, but I'll tell you all the info I know about the process to go STO from USAFA- which unfortunately isn't very much. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can help out, too. If you get picked up for STO from "selection" (from what I...