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  1. bmorris244

    Worried, How do I look?

    Keep in mind the Academy's whole human multiple they talk about all the time. I would retake the SAT once, take a course or buy a book, they say those things help. Try to boost your math and reading grades, don't focus on the writing so much (the SAT data for the writing will not be accepted...
  2. bmorris244

    Need info re color blindness

    Don't let them get you down! I was diagnosed with mild "color deficiency: red-green" during my application process, and it didn't stop me. There are a lot more colorblind people here than you would think -- I am starting to mistrust the 2% statistic I was often given. As far as I can tell, there...
  3. bmorris244


    I wouldn't say it's a lot of help to have those kinds of thing, but it certainly helps to have a diverse background. I played in band all through high school and I can't say it hurt my application. There are certainly opportunities here; you could look into becoming a public affairs officer if...
  4. bmorris244

    What is Blue and Gold? (Not the BGOs)

    During plebe summer, it's the final plebe formation every night right before bed, and serves as accountability as well (TAPS). It's sort of a daily wrap-up, and on some nights it's when the plebes get their mail (only during plebe summer). During the ac year, plebes only have it on Sunday...
  5. bmorris244

    "whole person" concept

    Just to add my two cents on what's here; You may get pretty depressed about your chances of getting in now, but looking out from inside it's easier to see that it's still possible. Just try your best, and hope for the best. Do your best in academics, athletics, and *leadership.* All through...
  6. bmorris244

    Permit to Report Packet

    "I believe permit times are generated based upon the last digit of SSN, or some wacky system like that. Or it could be totally random. Anyway, what does it matter? It is when it is! If you start wondering about the how and why of the way the navy does things now, you are in for an extremely long...
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    Just FYI -- Bring everything they say to bring, but know that on I-Day every single thing you brought with you will be stored away from you, and classified as "contraband." The Academy will provide every single thing you need, from toothbrush to razors to underwear, although it did come in handy...
  8. bmorris244

    How Much Time Should We Allow to Get to The Yard on I Day

    Hmm. I have a 0630 report time, and I live just north of DC in Silver Spring, about 45min-1hr from Annapolis. Any suggestions?
  9. bmorris244

    N company 25 platoon

    B company, 4th platoon. I can't believe no one else from Bravo is on this list! FOUR HORSEMEN!!
  10. bmorris244

    Decisions decisions

    Congrats! See you in a few days.
  11. bmorris244

    I-Day Forms

    "well i have to send a copy of it or something to navy federal so that my account can be opened. i have a letter next to me stating so." I think I sent my birth certificate or a copy or something. Either this or another USNA-related paperwork didn't even request that the copy be notarized. Else...
  12. bmorris244

    Sniper Record

    My brother (king of trivia) was telling me the other day about this guy in WWII who holds the record for most sniper kills or something (I may be wrong). Apparently he sat and shot Russian snipers, finding them by looking at the light reflecting off their scopes. He refused to use a scope for...
  13. bmorris244

    Another Company list thread...

    Thanks for the link! I remember a few of these from NASS last year.
  14. bmorris244

    Company lists are out

    Maybe; a friend of mine is as well, and he was able to tell me what company I'm in about a week ago.
  15. bmorris244

    Another Company list thread...

    im curious about how this works. the mail just came and my parents received 2 letters. one had the info that i am in B company, 4th platoon, but no more. I assume this is just for plebe summer then. any way to know any more detail?
  16. bmorris244

    What to do before the end of school?

    Most of my teachers just gave mine to me on paper... It was SO HARD not to look!
  17. bmorris244

    good movie

    oh, come ON! Star Trek was ok, but the whole idea of their cadets getting promoted for yelling and screaming at their superior officers kind of conflicts for me. Even if it is a typical star trek thing. I also fall into step with one of my brother's complaints: "So, we have this super-awesome...
  18. bmorris244

    GTMO Debate; your thoughts.

    HEAR HEAR! I like you more day by day, LITS. I'm glad somebody brought up all the other countries' activities, especially N. Korea and Iran. Not to mention Pakistan, Syria, and others... And I don't want to play moderator, but I'd like it if we could keep this civil. JAM has a point: the...
  19. bmorris244

    GTMO Debate; your thoughts.

    Wise words, LITS. I remember a speech by some Senator supporting the closing saying how the US certainly doesn't want to take them, but neither does anybody else. For me it would seem kind of obvious that if we weren't even willing to take care of our own prisoners (particularly in a case like...
  20. bmorris244

    USNA 2013

    1. texan101 2. pmlutton's son 3. miidaangg 4. USNAHopeful24 5. MJOmom -- Reno, NV 6. mjcjac-Atlanta, GA 7. theraven San Diego, CA 8. usnahopeful- Nor CA 9. BlessedX4's son - Kansas 10. d29061- Virginia 11. Pachrian's son - SoCal 12. bmorris - SS, MD