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  1. DrMom

    Name tag

    Now that your cadet is a cadet, please encourage him or her to use the resources in the environment like ordering name taapes from the C-Store.
  2. DrMom

    ROTC Nomination

    You must continue to apply for all possible nominations: senators, congressman, vice presidential. (Check those due dates for your elected officials--in our area they are the end of September but there is great variation across the country.)
  3. DrMom

    Question about nomination.

    We do not allow the posting of links on SAF. You just need to search for it.
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    DodMERB Medical Exams

    How complete is your application? If you think you have completed your application and do not understand why USMA is not asking for your DODMERB--because clearly, one of your applications was complete enough to trigger ordering an exam--you might send an email to your Regional Admissions...
  5. DrMom

    USMA Separated & Recoupment

    No, it is not. However, OCS is an option AFTER the payback is completed.
  6. DrMom

    LOA question

    WAR are the best! So glad she is going Army! Keep the winning tradition alive.
  7. DrMom

    LOA question

    Letting them know you have an LOA tells them they would pick a winner. West Point has declared their interest in you…that is what the LOA means, your representatives and this teams know what an LOA means—their efforts will not be wasted, you will be selected. It elevates you from the others...
  8. DrMom

    LOA question

    Also, with her nom and her LoA and mostly completed packet, many years they wait to send BFEs until mid-January as a batch. However, other years, BFEs drift out in the Fall. We will learn together what sort of year this is. She has a nomination but should definitely let her congressman and...
  9. DrMom

    waiver but no LOE/LOA

    Do not think about LOAs or LOEs, pretend he applied to schools that don't have insider groups like this one, and trust that you will know before 1 May. Nothing matters but the BFE. He was interesting enough for waiver to be requested...
  10. DrMom

    Noncommittal Letter - Next Steps

    You have a LOT of time to bump up your scores. As soon as you post new scores, the rest of your packet may open up for you. Continue to apply for nominations so that you are set and ready. Continue taking the steps to complete your application packet. Also, apply to your other colleges and...
  11. DrMom

    Meeting LOA timelines

    @aranders75 there are excellent videos from the Marine Corps to teach women how to do pull ups. When the Marine Corps first introduced pull ups for women in 2014/2015, there was a lot of scrambling. For Flexed Arm Hang or pull ups...frequent access (multiple times daily) to a pull up bar is...
  12. DrMom

    Meeting LOA timelines

    Watch a video of the Indoor Obstacle Course Test. Clearly USMA thinks your daughter would benefit from a year of working on physical performance at she should meet her deadlines but clearly, if she is not making progress on that event, SHE NEEDS TO PRACTICE MORE.
  13. DrMom

    CFA Nausea

    Why are you not eating before the CFA? You might eat a piece or bread or a least. You should not be taking the CFA on a completely empty stomach.
  14. DrMom

    LoE Questions

    Do not think about LOAs...focus on completing your best application.
  15. DrMom

    Dodmerb Guru?

    He was very helpful here...but we also worked together in our real jobs--and he was a tremendous supporter of my team's research. Just a wonderful human, a true champion for service members and their families.
  16. DrMom

    Dodmerb Guru?

    Mr Mullen has retired. I repeat.:Mr. Mullen has retired. Perhaps he will use his free time to answer questions about DODMERB? He is greatly missed by many--and we wish him well. In the meantime, DODMERB questions are best asked in the DODMERB forum.
  17. DrMom

    Is it worth mentioned to the admissions about the awarded ROTC scholarship?

    However if you have completed your USMA application and then you are awarded an Army ROTC scholarship, you do not need to update your packet or notify admissions.
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    You should have someone post this on the WP Moms and WP Dads pages so that new parents can learn about your bus services.
  19. DrMom


    Also, for anyone coming by because they are curious. The parents club that ALWAYS runs the buses is the WPPC MDDCVA--with stops in Delaware rest stop and along I-95--to DC and Fredericksburg. This is for most of the big 3-Day weekends: Labor Day, Presidents Day...but also for return to Re-Orgy...
  20. DrMom


    Are you a cadet or a parent? If you are a parent, try your informal class page or the WP Moms or WP Dads page or the appropriate parents club page. Short answer, there is no bus to Massachusetts, which is a big if you are going to Boston, you might wish to specify. Are...