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    Questions? Answers

    Hey, glad to hear beast wasn't so bad. I was wondering when you submitted your application and if you ever scheduled an interview with your field force contact.
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    App Status

    Hey I just checked the Concorde site and its saying my status is closed. And at the bottom it says Opto and Medical received. My medical exam was received after on Aug 7. So I go to the site you linked in the past threads to check the status of it but it says they haven't received my medical...
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    My Med Examiner Might Mail an Incomp. Form

    I just got back from my medical/audio exam. I came in with everything checked for medical history. I get there and the doctor wanted to redo the medical history sheet onto the original paper because I crossed something out on my internet printout. She proceeded to copy it all on the orignal...
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    Eye exam

    I just had my eye exam this morning and I had mixed feelings on how it went. I was told I did fine on the depth and color tests but at the end he said both eyes will need "medication" is what I thought he said. Does this make sense? Or could I have just mixed it up with prescription? Could I...
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    Back DQ/antibiotic allergies

    I have my exams tomorrow, and I am finishing my medical history forms. I have two "yes" answers. One for back pain and the other for allergies. Both situations I have mentioned here. How exactly should I word them?
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    Back DQ/antibiotic allergies

    Thank you for your quick reply, you have been a blessing for me so far. I truly appreciate what you do here for all of us. Do you have any tips before I go to the exam? Like stretching daily before it or certain eating/drinking habits; certain things to avoid eating/doing before it? I am really...
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    Back DQ/antibiotic allergies

    "...then there should be no issue. DoDMERB will request all medical records concerning this, so I'd start gathering them now. Based on what you've stated here, I don't think it will be an issue." When you say they will request the records, do you mean that they will want the records the...
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    Back DQ/antibiotic allergies

    Ok that's a relief. Also, I broke out in hives when I was around 6 years old from an allergic reaction to the antibacterial known as "augmentin". My doctor reminded me recently of this and said I should put that down. Is this a serious allergy that I should worry about in regards to a DQ? If...
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    Back DQ/antibiotic allergies

    I'm having my medical examination on August 2nd. Last fall I went to physical therapy due to football for my back. I was given heat therapy for a few days to eliminate a back spasm in my lower back. What can I expect out of this when it comes to passing medically. (I'm applying for West Point if...
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    Dodmerb: A ?

    Hey I'm filling out the medical history. I got to the back pain question. If I went to physical therapy for a week for back spasms because of football, should I mark "yes" for it? Also, should I mark "consulted or treated by a specialist for something other than a minor illness" (getting...