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    Regular Appointments when?

    Regular admission is on a rolling basis with the final notifications being pushed out by 01 APR.
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    Sad day, waiver denied--end of the line?

    I can agree with Larry that when CGA asks for additional information or testing, it is so they can try to grant the waiver. They also have specialty providers at CGA (dental, optometry, physical therapy, and a few others) so they also have someone to review the information that may work more...
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    New Colorblindness Test

    please forgive me. I noticed a typo in my reply. He would be considered NON-aviation personnel.
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    New Colorblindness Test

    The message/bulletin states 12/14 for aviation and 10/14 for non-aviation. That message is the most recent standard. Being that your son is an applicant to the CG Academy and would be considered aviation-personnel the 10/14 score would be the benchmark he needed to hit. I believe that DoDMERB...
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    New Colorblindness Test

    Anyone can apply to a service academy, but would most likely be denied entrance (at least in the seagoing services) during the medical waiver process.
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    New Colorblindness Test

    Good Morning, the link that CAPT MJ posted came from Coast Guard Headquarters. They are the governing body for CG-wide policies (including medical standards). Those messages that you see in the link above are put out when a policy change needs to be made immediately and the CG community as a...
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    Waiver Denied

    does he correct to a clear and precise 20/20? With the above stated prescription and the fact that his uncorrected distance vision is possibly well over 20/400, he would need to correct to a clear 20/20 to be considered for a waiver. If his waiver was denied by the Academy, he would likely...
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    Color Blindness

    USCGA generally does not give out waivers for color vision deficiencies for cadet accessions. As a newly commissioned officer when you graduate you would most likely go to a ship and will require normal color vision to distinguish various Aids to Navigation, colors of ship piping and emergency...
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    Waiver Denied

    Some service academies/programs have an appeals process that the applicant can request if a waiver is denied. You would have to check with the branches that you applied to. You can supply additional info to DoDMERB for the purpose of it being included in the individual medical file, but they...
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    Early Action Application Question

    All Admissions Officers SHOULD be calling all of their applicants that received appointments. I believe they may be coming up to the last group of early action selections, so all appointments for early action would not have been notified yet.
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    Wavier for Astigmatism

    The CG medical waiver authority is the one to decide if a waiver is needed, approved or disapproved. Provided your applicant is academically competitive they will automatically be considered for a waiver if necessary
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    PRK Surgery for Flight School

    The CG/Tricare (CG medical insurance) does not pay for PRK. Its considered elective surgery. Members can go to a miltary facility for the procedure and not pay out of pocket for the procedure, but travel and lodging is on the members dime as its an elective procedure. Or they can have it at a...
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    Dodmerb... wondering when

    Once your applicant is deemed academically competitive the admissions dept will forward applicants names to Dodmerb for exam scheduling. Dodmerb will make contact with the applicant on how to schedule their exam. Once admissions sends names to Dodmerb they should contact the applicant with in 2...
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    Uncorrected vision limitations for the Academy

    If the admissions office deems that you are academically competitive, and there is a disqualification on your Dodmerb you will automatically be considered for a waiver to the CGA waiver panel. Waivers are only necessary for something that is outside of the documented limits set forth by the CG...
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    Medical History Survey

    Dodmerb is very black and white. To them is either qualified or not. Its up to the CGA medical waiver authority to review your physical and any medical notes, specialist reports etc that you provide and make a decision as to whether or not you are medically cleared for admission. If you provide...