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    Waiver Denied

    Just found out my waiver has been denied due to a past back issue. My orthopedic doctor stated that I had "spina bifida" which I've never had a history of. I am going to a different doctor for a separate opinion to send in to the academy. Does anyone have any advice that could help with the...
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    Will the admissions board see my newly-added resume updates?

    Applicant to USNA- in same boat. I've been told that every time you submit additional accomplishments your file is moved to the top to be looked over again. So yes they will be looked over.
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    Chances USNA

    Hello! Applicant from Texas here. Got nominations from extremely competitive Congressional district in DFW and one from Senator Cornyn. I know there's no way of telling but just want some helpful advice with my chances. ACT- 33 composite (math-31 english-34 ) Class rank- 2/192 Awards- AP...
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    Medical Waiver

    Hello! I have a few questions about my DS application. He received a Senator's nomination as well as a Congressional nom. to USNA and did outstanding on his CFA. He is physically and mentally qualified, but had a few issues with his medical status. He had very minor spondylolis due to extreme...
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    Texas Nominations Thread

    Great, thank you for the help! Also, I have one more question, sorry! DS had to request a waiver due to prior back problems(don't exist anymore) but has a note from his orthopedic doctor stating that the problem has been resolved. Additionally, he did very well on his CFA which helps prove his...
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    Texas Nominations Thread

    DS received a call from Senator Cornyn and an email from Congressman Burgess (TX-26), but no word on Cruz. Confused parent here... Could someone answer this question for me? Does multiple nominations help toward an appointment or not at all. Thank you!