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    I haven't received any correspondence from the USAFA since November. Is this normal? TIA
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    Rejection from West Point...

    Received two nominations and a 3Q letter, but was rejected today. It has been really difficult to cope with the rejection.
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    Appointments 2022

    The wait is killing me!!
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    USMA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    Congratulations! Did you receive your appointment today?
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    How many people from a single district can receive an appointment?
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    Chemistry at USMA

    I just finished watching all of Martin Shkreli's chemistry videos, and I am wondering if I will ever be able to use the information I absorbed. Haha.
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    Chemistry at USMA

    Is chemistry a course taken by USMA plebes? If so, is it possible to "test out" of it?
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    Nomination Question

    I received two nominations (presidential and congressional) in December 2017 and was sent a 3Q letter a few days ago. I understand that I am competing against other candidates on the waiting list. However, I was also told by a friend that I will be competing in an additional pool of candidates...
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    Transcripts Question

    Am I required to send the USAFA an updated copy of my transcripts (like the USMA)? If so, is the following address correct? Air Force Academy Admissions Office HQ USAFA/RRS 2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 2400 USAF Academy CO 80840-5025 Thank you.
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    Implications of a Nomination

    I received a nomination to the USMMA, USNA, USAFA, and USMA on the 15th. However, I have not received any LOAS or further feedback regarding my applications from any of the academies other than the USCGA. Because I live in a relatively competitive district (extremely high population of Marines)...
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    Interview Question

    Yes, I have finished absolutely everything except for my ALO interview.
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    Interview Question

    I am still waiting for him to respond to my email. Do you think that I should send him another email? I don't want to pester him, but this is the last part of my application and I initially contacted him nearly a month ago. Additionally, he has not said that he is busy, instead, he used the...
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    Application Overview

    I have completed everything in the "Overview" section of the candidate application portal except for the "Employer's Evaluation" and "Medical" sections, which are currently being processed. Am I required to submit any additional materials? Additionally, will I receive any confirmation regarding...
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    Interview Question

    My ALO contacted me after thirteen days of waiting. The purpose of his email was to inquire about where I live, etc. I responded almost immediately and have continued to wait another six days without hearing anything back from him. This is very disappointing because my "counselors" at the other...
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    Color Blindness

    I received a letter stating that I "do not meet the DoD medical standards" due to my color deficiency and consequently my applications to the USNA and USCGA have been disqualified. The letter states that admissions may initiate the medical waiver process if I am deemed competitive. Should I...
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Have any North Carolinians heard from our congressmen and/or scheduled their interviews? I was contacted by Jones and Tillis, but have not been contacted by anybody else.
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    Color Blindness

    Thank you for your time. Thankfully I have also applied to the USAFA and USMA.
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    Color Blindness

    I need a waiver for the USCGA and USNA due to my vision being red-green deficient. Are waivers distributed to candidates with severe red-green deficiencies, or should I expect bad news? Thank you.
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    DoDMERB results?

    My examinations took two weeks to be processed and sent to DoDMERB, which happened on the dodmets website. I am currently waiting for my information to be reviewed by DoDMERB, which takes approximately 10-15 business days according to the dodmerb website. If you need a waiver or encounter any...
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    Interview Question

    I contacted my Liason Officer six days ago regarding scheduling an interview so that I may complete my application, but he has not responded to my email. Should I resend the aforementioned email? Thank you.