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    In case you need specifics, I've done both MEPS and DodMerb, so if you have a question about how they are different (beyond what has already been explained) then ask away.
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    Freshman Year

    People here might not agree with me, so feel free to ask around, but as a sophomore in high school I'd just focus on having fun and maintaining physical fitness (through sports or not, whatever you want) and grades. At that point, at least for me, my priority was not to an acceptance to the...
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    Vichawk: Unfortunately, I am not as familiar with the Academy as I am with the other commissioning routes, however, I'm sure if you asked in the main USNA section of this website people could help you. Bsherman92: As usual, TPG is on the ball and correct, they change pretty often. However...
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    PLC to Reserves?

    You can commission as an officer in the reserves. It is rare but I don't know if that's because it is limited or because it is not a goal of many seeking commission. Talk to your OSO to find out more and if you are eligible.
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    PLC Aviation

    You attend all of the same training, from PLC to TBS. After TBS you go to the flight school pipelines. It is the same application process but you MUST specify in your contract that you are aviation, and to do that you must pass extra tests.
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    Panel: Let women serve in combat roles

    But you can argue with that.... the cutting score for 0311(rifleman) and almost any 03xx (Infantry) MOS in the Marine Corps is ridiculously higher than other scores. Pogs are picking up Corporal and Sergeant in one four year pump, and Marines in Combat Arms are promoting to Lance weeks before...
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    Depends on the branch you are aiming for, and also what specific job within that branch. I know the army is actively looking for French speakers in Special Forces, because of the prevalence of that language in Northern Africa and that area. I mean, being bilingual can't hurt your application...
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    Breathing when exercising

    I used to do a thing like that: two quick breaths in, one long breath out. But in the end, its all about the most efficient way to get oxygen to your muscles. I was routinely hitting 18:00 minutes for 5K, but couldn't get faster. My coach watched me run closely one day and told me to stop...
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    Women in the Infantry?

    I am not a combat veteren at all, but I will still post in this thread. I understand that right now the debate or question is still: can men suppress their instincts to protect women. I would say yes, but I'm not qualified. What I can say is that I support the points being made before...
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    NROTC - MC Option?

    Nitpick: All Marine officers will go through TBS and MOS school.
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    ROTC vs PLC

    Just to add more facts to the mixture, I have important information for people considering PLC as an aviation option. ALL aviation slots for PLC/OCC have been cancelled until further notice. If you have already contracted for PLC (split or combined) under Air then you can go. If you haven't...
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    My school has no scholarship funds right now?

    I am not in the ROTC program, but I do train in the morning with the ROTC unit at my school. (I am enrolled in the Marine OCS pipeline) There are currently two candidates who are contracted but are not receiving money. They just had that much of a desire to serve their country that they...
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    Scholarship and Top Choice

    If you don't make that deadline for some reason, and your son is accepted ED, you can still get out of it. The only way you can get out of ED is if the money/scholarship offered is not sufficient to meet your financial needs. If you don't get the ROTC scholarship that seems like a pretty...
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    PLC Law Program

    "To be eligible for PLC (Law) an applicant must be a senior in college who is accepted to a law school, or a 1L or 2L attending a ABA accredited law school" tpg is 100% correct
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    PLC Law Program

    Oh my mistake. An OSO is an acronym for Officer Selection Officer. They are the officers in charge of recruiting officer candidates around the country. Here is a list of Marine OSO offices: I'm sure if NROTC(MO) or even NROTC is...
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    Which ROTC for Pilots?

    And if you choose to go through Officer Candidate's School you can get Flight guaranteed in your contract. Assuming you pass the ASTB.
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    NAVY vs Notre Dame Football Traditions and Legends

    My friend goes to ND, and I've got tickeetttsssssss. GO NAVY (Look for me: I'll be the guy supporting Navy in a sea of ND)
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    PLC Law Program

    1) The Program USMC Platoon Leader’s Class (PLC) is a program designed for college undergraduates. It consists of either two six-week sessions, or one ten-week session. You can contract three ways: PLC-Law, PLC-Air, PLC-Ground. For example, I am currently enrolled in the PLC-Ground pipeline...
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    Hey all, I was a semi-regular on these boards about a year ago, when I was applying to the United States Naval Academy. I was offered an appointment, but through a series of unfortunate events, I could not accept the appointment. Because of that, I am currently attending a very...