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    AROTC & covid-19

    With the virus being a disqualifying mark for meps and no waivers being offered to survivors at the moment will contracting the virus bar contracted cadets from joining? Many of us work summer jobs or year round jobs that expose us to the virus and being at school is a huge factor if classes are...
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    Law School and AROTC

    The best option I am seeing is 2-4 years after commissioning applying for the FLEP program. (For those curious and unaware, this program allows you to commission as an LT and 2-4 years later apply for the Army to pay for law school incurring a 6-year ADSO, 2 years for each year of law school [...
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    AROTC and Grad School

    All, I am currently a MS2 contracted cadet and am scheduled to graduate a year early from school. I did not go to basic camp and therefore an unable to skip my MS2 year, become a MS3, and graduate a year early. However, I was wondering if there was a way I could graduate and get my bachelors a...
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    Army ROTC SMP

    I am currently a MS1 on scholarship and am very interested in the SMP program. I tried talking to guard recruiters, but did not get a definite answer on what the eligibility was to join. I do not want the GRFD money because I hope to go active duty when I commission, but I really want hands-on...
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    Army Simultaneous Membership Program

    I was awarded the Army ROTC schoalrhsip this past year and will be starting this fall. Recently a recruiter told me to join the SMP program, but I am not exactly sure how that affects my scholarship and ROTC life. I was perfectly happy with ROTC, but if this gives me a competitive edge, I'd be...
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    Contracting Early AROTC

    Is it at all possible to contract my freshman year if I am a 3 Year AD winner. I am very pleased with the 3 year scholarship and I am not looking for an extra year of scholarship, but rather a chance I could be contracted right away so I could go on training the summer of freshman to sophomore...
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    AROTC Four Year Scholarship Presentation Data

    When does the process begin to request an ROO to present the awards. I am a 3 year winner from the second board and am curious when to begin the process.
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    Portal Down?

    portal is back up
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    Thanks to Mohawk, Clarkson, moderators, and others and Mr. Mullen.

    I second what has been said. Without this forum, I do not know if I would have been as successful.
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    ROTC Packet

    The package was expedited mail so it should be there soon. Congrats!
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    3 Year Upgrade to 4 ?

    I have not been upgraded either. If I had to assume, I would think all the 4 year offers have been made but I am in no place of knowing for sure.
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    AROTC posted

    I am also a 3 year going to cuse from the second board!
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    Boarded under consideration changed to boarded

    my status changed from boarded /Under Consideration back to boarded right before the results came out 2nd board. Good luck to all of you and hopefully you will all find out soon!!
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    When do the TWEs begin to roll out?

    I was wondering if there was an approximate time frame or a hard date where all final decisions would be made by or if there was a time frame they would begin to notify people of TWEs?
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    AROTC HS Awards Presentation

    I was wondering if there were any forms to fill out or action needed on the future cadet's side for the HS awards presentation. I noticed a link on the application website under additional information, but it is a dead link.
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    Accepted To My AROTC School but Under a Different Major

    I was awarded a 3 year AD and choose my number one school for the scholarship with an intended major of business, but I was only accepted into arts and sciences. Now I am considered undecided at arts and sciences instead of business. Will this be a problem?
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    Accepting/Transferring AROTC scholarship

    I'm in a similar situation with a 3 year AD and my number one school will not release decisions for a while even though I received an "expedited review" due to my scholarship. Should I just accept it at my number one school and hope for the best? Will it be hard to transfer if i get denied...
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    Do I need to upload my qualification letter in the AROTC Portal?

    I received my qualification letter today and I was wondering if I had to upload the letter or if DoDMERB sends it to cadet command anyway?
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    Notifications of denial or appointment

    I was wondering if the academy notifies you if you are disqualified either physically or academically. Also, will they notify you if you are triple qualified? Lastly, if you earned an appointment to the academy, will they mail the letter before the portal updates or will the portal update first?