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    Language Pick

    You have to like your choice of language in order to be good at it. My cadet is graduating in 3 weeks as double major in Computer Science and German with honors in both languages. So it is up to you. The perk of having foreign language major/minor: you get to do semester abroad or a summer...
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    Packing list

    The above list posted by CrossMT was the packing list for class of 2022, my firstie. The photo below show how we packed. However, we realize that white socks would get dirty quickly during beast. I would pack 1or 2 pairs of white socks just in case (WP will provide you socks and underwear but...
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    Denied From SLE, Is This The End?

    My firstie is about to graduate in a few weeks and I found myself wandering back into this forum. Maybe to give some thoughts that are hopefully be useful for CC. My cadet did not applied for SLE, USMA was his back up for USNA. He did not receive appointment to USNA that year. Actually our...
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    Many questions about West Point Military Academy

    I think you can find most of answers to your questions here and
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    Where to stay for R day

    I don't have the answer but I assume we as parent assumed all plebes want to be away from post on the A day. Many plebes enjoyed visiting their family at the Thayer during the A day. My plebe (now yuk) did not care where we stayed for A day ( we stayed at the Thayer by chance) because plebes are...
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    Where to stay for R day

    From my experience, family could stay any where with easy drive to WP on R day. But A day and PPW, staying at Thayer or the Five Stars Inn have more advantages. You can pick up or drop off your cadet in minutes and bad weather won't effect you. R Day, you don't pick up your cadet after 2 minutes...
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    Where to stay for R day

    I stayed at Homewood Suite in Newburgh for R day in 2018. It was hot, the electricity was down that morning and we were stuck in the elevator. I was happy because it may be the sign for my DS not to attend USMA. But no, he had to pry open the elevator door instead of waiting for the first...
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    Majors and Minors Info

    My DS is double major Computer Science and German. You should go to under Academics tab to read all the majors/minors USMA is offering. If you receive appointment, during your second semester of plebe year you will select major(s) +/- minors. You have opportunities to discuss with...
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    Dems v Republicans at the Academies?

    According to my DS at West Point, some are very religious, some he has never seen going to Sunday services despite they came from very religious families and prep schools, some are atheists, and some are in between. As far as politics go, I think each individual has his or her own preference...
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    Top AP Courses?

    Depending on your future major then choose the AP classes. Whatever AP class you will take, make sure you get a 5. My yuk did not take any placement test during CBT instead he used that time to sleep. However during the reorganization week, he showed his test scores to the Computer Science and...
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    CFA worries

    Definitely you need to work on your run and pull up.
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    Dress socks

    My rising Yuk has been using goldtoe athletic white for PT/running, black for low quarters, Fox River black boots/liners for boots. Last winter he used wool socks for low quarters. He does not want to change to any different brand.
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    My plebe likes his Garmont boots. The first pair was ruined during Beast because the weather was wet and muddy. On A Day we had to purchase new pair of Garmont (too dirty) and low quarters ( did not fit well) at the PX. DS has issued boots but they are not as comfortable as Garmont T8. He is now...
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    Confussion after the TWE

    I am sorry for the TWE. If your DD still interests in attending WP I would recommend her to reapply next year. From my observation many reapplicants are excelling at WP while others are struggling. Best wishes.
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    Multitool/knife for beast

    I got my plebe the Leatherman Wave for $75 after 20% off last year with free engraved and leather pouch. He likes it very much especially the scissors came in very handy!
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    Question about Eye Examination Form-Recommended Frame Size

    I just looked at the numbers and filled it out on the form. You can bring it to the place that his glasses were obtained and verify quickly. They will wear the issued glasses during the beast. All the best.
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    Chances now (No TWE or BFE)

    You just have to wait. My plebe received the TWE and BFE in the same week. It was a confusing period for us but he is at the right place now. Best of Luck.
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    Question about Eye Examination Form-Recommended Frame Size

    You can look at his current glasses on the inside of the temple arm
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    Problems with (extremely) worried parent

    I found this bio of a WP distinguished lecturer, he is an old grad. My DS told me his story how he went to the RDay. He came from a military, his father was an army officer in previous Vietnamese government. However his parents were against him going to West Point and they locked him up to...
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    Football days with your plebe

    If you do not donate to the A club in the thousands, then your chance to get a good seat is minimal for the basic donation. Near the home game dates, many tickets will go for sale at discounted price from parents that have changed of plan or their cadets have out of post obligations that...