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  1. J

    NASS acceptances

    Applied the first day it opened, didn't recieve my acceptance email until this week.... No news is good news.
  2. J

    SLE and NASS... same week

    Thank you to everyone for the replies, I was able to get it switched.
  3. J

    NASS ...Possible Conflict

    I have a similar issue as OP, your daughter called USNA admissions directly to ask for a switch?
  4. J

    SLE and NASS... same week

    Hey everyone, I just got notified by both West Point and Naval Academy that I got offered to go to both summer programs (beyond excited) unfortunately, I got week 1 assignment to both. Is it possible to change which week I go to through the admissions office? If so, how? Thanks!
  5. J

    SLE acceptance emails are going out!

    Are the acceptances regional?
  6. J

    West Point SLE 2017

    Are acceptances regional or "best" to "worst"?
  7. J

    Personal Statement Help

    I can help
  8. J

    Do pins and plate in arm= DQ?

    I had a compound fracture a few years ago and had to get surgery to heal it. Igs fully healed, complete mobility and not pain etc., but there is still a plate in my arm. The doc said wasn't worth removing, will this be an issue when applying to an academy/ROTC?
  9. J

    USNA Summer Seminar 2017

    Anyone know when(ish) the notifications roll out?